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Yes Augustus lost his leg in real life
In: Health Answered: 1 minute ago
The noun 'diffusion' is a concrete noun as a word for the transmission of light through a translu...
In: Nouns Answered: 11 minutes ago
A noun is a word for a person, a place, or a thing. A noun functions as the subject of a sentenc...
In: Nouns Answered: 17 minutes ago
yes, you can but the motion sensor or receiver separately
In: Uncategorized Answered: 20 minutes ago
Lilly Pulitzer was 81 years old when she died on April 7, 2013 (born November 10, 1931).
In: Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages Answered: 22 minutes ago
Yes, the word 'swimsuit' is a noun, a garment designed to wear when swimming; a word for a thing....
In: Nouns Answered: 29 minutes ago
101,000,000 people live in deserts all over the world!
In: Deserts Answered: 29 minutes ago
Yes, the noun 'scarf' is a common noun; a general word for any piece of cloth worn around the nec...
In: Nouns Answered: 32 minutes ago
what does it mean when you see glistening in a mans eyes
In: Relationships Answered: 34 minutes ago