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Its cost - the y wanted the money spent on themselves rather than on a temple, of which they alre...
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He persuaded the Athenians to divert distributing a large silver discovery from distribution to c...
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The last year was 1958.
In: Coins and Paper Money Answered: 9 minutes ago
On farms in the Nile Valley.
In: Ancient Egypt Answered: 12 minutes ago
Hannibal wanted to shift the dispute between Rome an the Carthage into Rome's backyard, and recru...
In: Punic Wars Answered: 31 minutes ago
To bring in fresh water to a city.
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It was a part of a religious celebration to the gods, and was designed to provide deep commentary...
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Not so. The Eretrians and Athenians sent a contingent to help the Ionian city-states who revolted...
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What is the staple food of madhya pradesh
In: Madhya Pradesh Answered: 1 hour ago