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No flower or tree is offensive to Muslims from religious point of view.
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Yes you can.... but it's a bit technical. You need to contact your current provider and ask them ...
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It is many times. Recite Sura Al-Asr 12th from the last in the last Para- 30.
In: Islam Answered: 2 minutes ago
1. Announce your intention,"I intend to seek purity from Janabat (sex)." 2. Wash your hands upto...
In: Islam Answered: 3 minutes ago
Here Stayforyou provides gather a straightforward rundown with the main 10 things you can use as ...
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2.5 x 24 = 60 !
In: Math and Arithmetic Answered: 10 minutes ago
After 5 days, half the element is gone - therefore after.. 5 days = 50mg... 10 days = 25mg... ...
In: Math and Arithmetic Answered: 10 minutes ago
No, a pronoun takes the place of a noun or a pronoun in a sentence. Examples:
  • You and I can...
In: Pronouns Answered: 18 minutes ago
could I have an example of a target revenue figure
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