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because they didn't have that muck room dufuss
In: Ancient History Answered: 1 minute ago
because they were so dang anoying crap
In: Babylon Answered: 5 minutes ago
On Rosh Hashanah, festive meals are held in the home, and traditional foods (such as the well-kno...
In: Judaism Answered: 9 minutes ago
The name, Macedonia, original Μακεδόνες (Makedónes), is Ancient Greek from μακεδν...
In: Definitions Answered: 11 minutes ago
All of the lines around the Earth are imaginary. Some notable ones are the Arctic and Antarctic C...
In: Tropic of Cancer Answered: 13 minutes ago
Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil
In: Tropic of Capricorn Answered: 15 minutes ago
The Tropic of Capricorn passes through the following countries: South America: Chile, Argentin...
In: Tropic of Cancer Answered: 15 minutes ago