How did Australians show mateship in world war 1?

Australians showed their mateship everyday, whether it be giving up their ration for a fellow comrade who was sick, or running through battlefields carrying a wounded soldier. (MORE)

Why did Australian men want to fight in World War 1?

this is my history essay you. Why did Australians volunteer to go to war in 1914? Australians volunteered to go to war for four main reasons. Firstly, Australians where (MORE)

How did Australians show Courage in World War 1?

australians showed courage just by going to world war one let alone fighting for their country. the showed couirage by risking their lives to save their fellow soldiors and fi (MORE)
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When did the Australian 1 and 2 Dollar coins come into circulation?

The Australian One Dollar coin was first issued in 1984 to replace the One Dollar note which was last issued in 1982. The Australian Two Dollar coin was first issued in 198 (MORE)

Did Australian soldiers fight in the world war 1 and 2?

Australian Navy, Army and Marines fought valiantly in both world wars because they were part of the United Kingdom. In World War 2 they had to save themselves from the Japanes (MORE)