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How do you fill out dd form 1387-2?

1. Item Nomenclature: Leave blank. 2. Net Quantity per Package: Enter the gross weight of the package. (This is the weight of the package the form is being placed on.) (The c (MORE)
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What does the code 1404 mean in a 2001 Chevy impalaand how do you fix it A chain auto store has sold you over 100 in parts and the light still comes back on?

P1404 EGR Closed Position Performance Try cleaning the EGR Valve and checking for a vacuum leak. If this does not repair the problem, then take it to a professional. Stop t (MORE)
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Between 1377 and 1415 how many men claimed to be the pope at the same time?

For most of this period, there was a pope, and another man claiming to be pope, so one.  Near the end of it there were three, it is known as the Great Schism: The Great Schi (MORE)
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What were the peasants demands in 1381?

Different people say the demands were diferent things, also the demands kept changing and were mostly unrealistic and imposible for the nobles to agree to, these are the ones (MORE)
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Who died in the peasants revolt 1381?

Apart from thousands of rebels who were rounded up and executed after the revolt, the preaching priest John Ball was drawn and quartered, Wat Tyler was killed at Smithfield af (MORE)