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How much GB is 1407 MB?

1.4 GB (1) On April 25, 2010 at 7:29 pm Karusai [1] said: Here is the problem with your answer of 1.4: We do not have enough information. Is it RAM you are speaking of or i (MORE)

How do you fill out dd form 1387-2?

1. Item Nomenclature: Leave blank. 2. Net Quantity per Package: Enter the gross weight of the package. (This is the weight of the package the form is being placed on.) (The c (MORE)

Who led the peasants revolt in 1381?

Wat Tyler was the leader of the peasants revolt in 1381.
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Is BS 1387 steel equivalent to ANSI Schedule 40 steel?

BS 1387 is UK Standard and ANSI/ASTM are American Standards; both deals in the specifications of Steel or Alloy pipes sizes, BORE, WALL THICKNESS, chemical composition, and ma (MORE)