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Who wrote the princess bride?

"The Princess Bride" was supposedly written by S. Morgenstern and abridged by William Goldman, in what he called the "good-parts version". However, Goldman was actually the so

Who sings The Princess Bride song?

  If you are talking about the song Storybook Love the writer and singer is Willy DeVille. Many times web sites will incorrectly refer to Mark Knopfler as the writer or th

What is the moral of The Princess Bride?

the moral is "true love conquers everything"     just write about how you agree or disagree give ex. from the story(quotes)  

In The Princess Bride how does Wesley die?

Wesley supposedly 'died' when pirates took over his ship to America. He also "mostly" dies in the fith level of the Prince's zoo, or Pit of Despair.

The Princess Bride who is evil?

A list of antagonists in The Princess Bride could include: Prince Humperdinck, who conspires to kill Buttercup and blame her death on Guilder in order to start a warCount Rug

In Princess Bride where is the Pit of Despair?

Hidden in an underground cavern somewhere beneath the Thieves' Forest. The only way in or out is through a tree; pressing the right knot will open the door. Only Prince Humper