You have a sheet of Elvis stamps that are in a frame and are printed 29 cents do you know how much they are Worth?

Scott # 2721 It was also issued as a part of a block of 4. Mint they can cost about 50 or 60 cents each. I believe they are in a sheet of 50, so the value would be about about (MORE)

How much is a 29 Elvis stamp worth?

Scott # 2721 and 2724. Issued as a single and as a part of a block of 4. Differentiated by the perforations. Used these get the minimum 20 cent value. Mint they can bring cost (MORE)

What are 29 cent Elvis Presley stamps worth?

US Scott Numbers 2721, 2724, and 2731. This is a US commemorative stamp but there are three versions ofthe Elvis stamp and one is slightly less common than the other 2.The st (MORE)