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What does 3M stand for?

"3M" stands for "Minnesota, Mining, and Manufacturing Company Limited".  

What is the acronym of N95 mask?

  The respirator masks that are designated with the filter class of N95 means that the respirator filter will block at least 95% of small particles. The N refers to its pr

Can you reuse an N95 face mask if using it to protect you from viruses?

Not if you are wearing it to protect you from viruses or other  sub-microscopic pathogens or pollution/fumes. These N95 masks are  more like respirators than a cloth or pape

Do N95 respirators expire?

  N95 respirators are typically manufactured from a polypropylene (PP) material which does not have any degradation in performance over time if stored in normal conditions

What are the 3M of TQM?

Muda (waste) Muri (strain) Mura (discrepancy) These 3 m's should be avoided in any organization to effectively implement Kaizen.

Is 3m 300cm?


3m into cm?

To change meters to centimeter multiply by one hundred   So 3x100   =3000cm     The above maths is incorrect     correct answer is 300cm, not 3000cm.

Where is the n95 memory card slot?

  The original silver n95 has a memory card slot on the side panel. If you have a black 8GB n95 then there is no memory card slot and you need to hook it up to your comput

What is a mask?

    it is a object made out of wood, plastic and etc. which we use to put it on our faces to make fun out of it or in some cultures to celebrate something.

Who owns 3m?

3M is a public company, listed at NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), so everybody can buy share in this company. Today's (Jun 6, 2013) value of 1 stock is $ 108.59.
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Does a N95 mask protect against lead?

The N95 is going to filter 95% of the particles in the air, hence the name N95. It will protect the respiratory system against lead, however, the largest worry with lead is to

What are the weaknesses of 3M?

3m has a weak inventory turnover ratio that keeps on increasing  with time. The rising expenses related to 3MÕs pension obligations  which have stretched the budget of 3M a