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What is one of Gina Lollobrigidas Nicknames?

  THE ROSE OF FAIR ITALY-PARAPHRASED FROM THE SONG (Santa Lucia) also she has been called The most Beautiful Girl in the World from l955 film of that name not released und (MORE)
In Toys

Did Lenci ever do a doll based on Gina Lollobrigida?

Oh-Wah-Ree! ( conclusion) There are dolls which have been custom made , some in production , that appear to be based on the Italian Movie Queen. They are made or marketed by I (MORE)

Were gina lollobrigida and tony curtis lovers?

Only in the movies. at the time of the(trapeze) ( late fifties) Miss Lollobrigida was married to former Yugoslav doctor (some say he was/is a psychiatrist Dr. Michael Schofiel (MORE)