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What is a topographic map?

A topographic map shows the mountains, valleys, hills and the like; the highs and lows of the terrain With this map you can see how high mountains and hills are on the map by

What is a topographical map?

ANSWER:this is a type of map produced to a specific scale outlining contour,the relief and natural features of a defind area.   A relief map or contour map is another n

Why is a topographic map useful when hiking?

Because you can tailor your hike to the features of the terrain. If you want to climb a mountain, you may want to take the easiest slope. Or not. You may want to take the most

What is the Topographic map?

A topographic map is a map using contour lines to show relief (height above sea level), various physical features e.g. rivers,forest areas and features of the human environmen
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Why does a topographic map have a key?

the key explains what the colors and shapes on the map represent. It also has a scale so you can accurately find the distance between objects.

How do you read a topographic map and what are some uses of topographic maps?

Looking at a topographic map with many squiggly contour lines, you  may feel as if you are gazing into a bowl of spaghetti. But with  practice, you can learn to read a topog