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What is relief on a topographic map?

The relief is the difference between the highest and lowest contour  line.

What are the five colors on a topographic map?

Black. Indicates cultural (man-made) features such as buildings and roads, surveyed spot elevations, and all labels. Red-Brown. The colors red and brown are combined to identi

What is a relief on a topographic map?

the diference between the highest hight and lowest hight

Why would a topographic map be useful to you?

The topographic map shows the whole layout of an area. you could actually picture the area.

What is a topographic map?

A topographic map shows the mountains, valleys, hills and the like; the highs and lows of the terrain With this map you can see how high mountains and hills are on the map by

What is a topographical map?

ANSWER:this is a type of map produced to a specific scale outlining contour,the relief and natural features of a defind area.   A relief map or contour map is another n

How do you make a topographic map?

Topographic maps are specifically purposed for elevation of the land area, as well as outlining geographic locations, such as mountains. Topographic maps are used by architec

What do lines on a topographic map measure?

The Contour lines on a topographic map measure land elevation. The closer the lines are together, the steeper the land is. Usually every contour line on a map has a specific