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Why does a topographic map have a key?

the key explains what the colors and shapes on the map represent. It also has a scale so you can accurately find the distance between objects.

What is a topographic map?

A topographic map shows the mountains, valleys, hills and the like; the highs and lows of the terrain With this map you can see how high mountains and hills are on the map by

What is a topographical map?

ANSWER:this is a type of map produced to a specific scale outlining contour,the relief and natural features of a defind area.   A relief map or contour map is another n

What is contour interval on a topographic map?

Answer . Contour interval is the actual change in elevation represented by the space between two adjacent topographic "rings". For example, if there is a contour interval o

Topographic maps have uses in?

  Answer   In all types of home, office, road, dam, and bridge development and construction. In agriculture, geology, paleontology, meteorology, and real estate. By gov

How do you calculate gradient on a topographic map?

change in elevation: Distance So if the highest is 300m and the lowest is 100m then the change will be 200m. Pretend the distance between the two places is 1km but you have t

How do geolgists use topographic maps?

In the field a geologist will use a topographic map to locate his/her position and then mark on the map the interfaces of the rock types that are found. From this a Geological

How does a topographic map help a hiker?

A topographic map shows terrain features, which allows hikers andothers using a topographic map to verify their position throughterrain association. A hiker could, for example

How do you read a topographic map and what are some uses of topographic maps?

Looking at a topographic map with many squiggly contour lines, you  may feel as if you are gazing into a bowl of spaghetti. But with  practice, you can learn to read a topog