Did Aaliyah hav an autopsy?

Aaliyah had an autopsy to confirm the cause of her death obviously, The cause of her death was severe burns, a blow to the head and severe shock and a overall weak heart. Don' (MORE)

At the time of her autopsy was Aaliyah recognizable?

This is a really morbid and obnoxious question! Most likely not, the condition on the plane was horrible, plus on impact she was thrown out the aircraft and landed 20ft in (MORE)

Can you view the Princess Diana autopsy photos?

You said autopsy, not restored body laid out- I have not even seen one of them. this is strictly CLASSIFIED INFORMATION and is probably rated, J.B. note: ABOVE EYES ONLY. Iit (MORE)
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Where can one view autopsy photos?

There are quite a few websites and blogs that will help one get autopsy photos. To name a few, one could try Goregrish and Best Gore. However, the photos may not be appropriat (MORE)