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Why do men join special forces?

well first of all for the money, and college scholarship, second they feel like they owe their country and third sometimes theyre just idiots that think theyre invincible----- (MORE)

Does the air force have special forces?

Yes the USAF has AFSC's pr "Job" that fall under SOCOM or Special Operations Command. Some of our Special Forces include the Pararescue men, the Combat Air Traffic Controller, (MORE)

How do you get into special forces?

You have to join the military first, then if you show a high aptitude and an interest in joining the special forces you may get given the oppurtunity to try for selection. How (MORE)

Do special activities division work in a group and are they the best and complete special force in the world?

They work both in groups and solo operations. They could be the best special forces organization in the world as they are selected from the best of the best special forces fro (MORE)

What is the special l force for the air force?

The Air Force has Special Operations, "Special Forces" is the term for Army Green Berets. The Air Force special ops consist of: Pararescue Combat Controllers Special Ops (MORE)
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How do you join the US Army Special Forces?

First, you enlist in the Army. You pass Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training (or One Station Unit Training, depending on what occupation you enlist for). The (MORE)