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After plants moved to land what happened?

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As plants moved from water to land they developed?

Yep they developed. Simply due to evolutionary characters plant kingdom is divided into many Divisions; Bryophyta, Pterophyta, Lycophyta, Cycadophyta, Coniferophyta, Anthophyt

What was fungis role in plants move from water to land?

Fungi provided the mechanism for plants to obtain nutrients from the soil. Scientists believe that fungi and plants have had a beneficial relationship for millions of years. R

What happens to cyclone as it moves over land?

Well if you know that they rely on warm ocean waters for their strength what do you think will happen if there isnt warm ocean waters below it. It will dissipate. A tropical c
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How did plants move from water to land?

Plants moved onto land after algae was entrapped in evaporating  ponds, and cast up to the sea shore, and as a majority died, a few  survived to be the plants we see on land
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How did plant change to move from land to water?

Plants moved from land to water as a result of algae entrapment in  evaporating ponds, and casting up on the sea shore, where they were  subjected to dry winds, and as other