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Amphetamines carry a risk of physical dependence or addiction.?

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What are the physical signs of being an addict?

When a person is addicted, or dependent, on a substance, they  cannot control their use of the drug. They will continue using  despite adverse effects or negative consequenc

How is alcohol physically addictive?

  Long-term alcohol use causes changes in the brain and other parts of the body that remain when the alcohol is removed. Since the body has adapted to the drug, it no long

Is Ecstasy physically addictive?

Ecstasy is considered physically addictive but usually only people that take it in large quantities and/or are casual users get addicted physically. People a lot of the time w

Is crystal meth physically addictive?

No. Abruptly stopping after long term meth use will not cause any withdrawl symptoms, thus it is not physically addictive. However, it is highly psychologically addictive.

How long does it take to get physically addicted to methadone?

If you take over 20mgs for 10 ten days you will have a problem, and most clinics start you at 30 and let you go up 10mgs per day for 10 days, don't do it if you must stay on i

What does cross addiction and cross dependence mean?

Drugs can be grouped into different classes according to their  effect on the central nervous system (your brain and its  connections to the various organs and other parts o

When should you carry out a risk assessment?

  Work places usually have generic risk assessments in place but can carry them out at any time required should the need arise. eg if an employee is off with a physical in

Amphetamine is what?

Amphetamine is a powerful psychoactive stimulant, used to threat patients with ADHD disorders. It is also used illegaly as a stimulant. Adderall is a ADHD medicine that cont

What do cross addiction and cross dependence mean?

All addictions work in the same parts of the brain, by modifying or imitating the production of neurotransmitters that cause pleasant feelings. This is as true of shopping add
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What is a amphetamine?

Amphetamine (speed, meth, crank, joggers, uppers) is a chemical stimulant originally used to cure individuals with ADHD disorder, to make them calm. However, none diagnosed in
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Where to get amphetamines?

legally- medical prescriptions illegally- street dealers... but your best bet is any educational institution (high schools, colleges, etc.)
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What has amphetamines?

over the counter stimuliant pills
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Do amphetamines carry high risk of physical dependents or addiction?

Although amphetamines don't carry a particularly high risk of physical dependence that is not to say they are not addictive. Amphetamines primarily stimulate dopamine receptor