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Amphetamines carry a risk of physical dependence or addiction.?

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Is there a substitute for amphetamine that someone who is addicted to amphetamine can take?

Methamphetamine????????????? methamphetamine (Methylamphetamine) - street name; 'crystal meths' or 'ice' is not a substitute for amphetamine at all!!! It is a stimulant drug a

What is the difference between physically dependent and addicted?

Physical addiction or dependency happens in the body when you become addicted to hard or prescription drugs and the symptoms are aching bones and muscles usually when your bod

Are amphetamines addictive?

      Anything--a substance or a behavior--can be addicting for a given person; different people develop addictions to different things. So, yes, amphetamines can

What are the risks of using Amphetamines?

  Amphetamines are stimulants which stimulate the central nervous systenm to increase the amount of chemicals on the body. They can raise blood pressure and can sometimes

How is physiological dependence related to addiction?

To keep it simple, physiological dependence occurs when the individual needs the presence of a chemical in his or her system in order to feel relatively normal. At that point,

Is addiction a physical dependence?

Addiction can be a physical dependence. Physical addiction is not the only form of addiction. There is also psychological addiction, which is also considered addiction. A ph
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How do amphetamines affect your physical appearance?

¡Physical effects of amphetamine can include hyperactivity, dilated pupils, vasoconstriction, blood shot eyes, flushing, restlessness, dry mouth, bruxism, headache tachycardi
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What is a physical addiction?

A physical addiction occurs as a chemical interferes with the balance of the brain's chemistry. In a natural state, the pleasure center of our brains are stimulated by natural
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Do amphetamines carry high risk of physical dependents or addiction?

Although amphetamines don't carry a particularly high risk of physical dependence that is not to say they are not addictive. Amphetamines primarily stimulate dopamine receptor