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Amphetamines carry a risk of physical dependence or addiction.?

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Is Ecstasy physically addictive?

Ecstasy is considered physically addictive but usually only people that take it in large quantities and/or are casual users get addicted physically. People a lot of the time w

Is LSD physically or psychologically addictive?

LSD is definitely not physically addictive. Whether or not it can be psychologically addictive is a bit trickier. Almost any drug can be psychologically addictive; as people w

Can you become physically addicted to steroids?

  Although there is nothing in steroids which gets you physically addicted to them. But there is a huge mental addiction towards steroid due to the feeling of confidence,

Is cocaine physically addictive?

Whats going on here?! Do you people even know what physical addiction is? No. Cocaine is not physically addictive. And there will be no propaganda in my answer like those oth

What is the The difference between addiction and dependency?

The term addiction is usually equated with abuse, however addiction and abuse are not the same thing. Addiction is comprised of tolerance to the medication being taken and/or

Is steroids physically or mentally or addictive?

steroids are a poweful drug which can cause an immedite boost of energy. They are physical and are not addictive. You can stop, but it is indeed harmful to your body and one s

What does cross addiction and cross dependence mean?

Drugs can be grouped into different classes according to their  effect on the central nervous system (your brain and its  connections to the various organs and other parts o

Does marijuana have a physical or psychological addiction?

There are no substances within cannabis that have physically addicting properties, however a heavy long-term user of cannabis may be described as psychologically addicted, and

What do cross addiction and cross dependence mean?

All addictions work in the same parts of the brain, by modifying or imitating the production of neurotransmitters that cause pleasant feelings. This is as true of shopping add

What is risk and why carry out risk assessments?

Risk is the possibility or probability that something undesirable (or bad) will happen. If you do not perform a risk assessment, you will not know whether risk is present or
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Do amphetamines carry high risk of physical dependents or addiction?

Although amphetamines don't carry a particularly high risk of physical dependence that is not to say they are not addictive. Amphetamines primarily stimulate dopamine receptor
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Why is heroin physically addictive?

Answer   Heroin is an opiate-- that is, it is made from narcotic alkaloids found in opium, or an derivates thereof. Heroin causes delirium, disorientation, and physical a
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Are amphetamines addictive?

      Anything--a substance or a behavior--can be addicting for a given person; different people develop addictions to different things. So, yes, amphetamines can
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Is crack physically addictive?

from first hand experience in both, crack is not physically addictive like say heroin. You may want to and like doing it, but it wont have you throwing up, crawling out of ski