An airman has collapsed on the fligh-tline because of the heat and you suspect it may be heat stroke what must you do immediately?

If they are unconscious check the ABC's, Airway Breathing and Circulation. If those are acceptable then move the airman to a cool, shaded place. Loosen/remove all excess cloth (MORE)

What should you do if someone collapses from heat stroke?

The most important thing to do is to cool the person's bodytemperature as quickly as possible. Many sports team now require atub of ice to be available on the sidelines of gam (MORE)
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What should you do if you suspect a heat stroke?

If you suspect that you are experiencing a heat stroke, the firstthing to do is to cool your body temperature down. During a heatstroke, your body temperature could be above 1 (MORE)
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If a person collapses in the heat and you suspect heat stroke what should you do?

If you witness or come across an individual that collapses, you will always do the following: Assess for level of consciousness. Try to pinch the person between the shoulder (MORE)

What is the first step in treating a suspected heat stroke victim?

Heat stroke is when body temperature increased dramatically. Firstof all always notify emergency service or seek for immediateemergency medical care, while waiting for help fa (MORE)

What should you do if you suspect a casualty is suffereing from heat stroke?

Immediately call emergency services. Heat stroke can be deadly if not treated quickly. Cool the body as rapidly as possible. If an ice bath is available, place the victim into (MORE)

What to do if suspect a casualty is suffering from heat stroke?

Immediately request medical assistance. Then, it is important tocool the victim's body temperature down immediately by submersingthem into a tub of cold water. If you can cool (MORE)
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What to do if i suspect Heat stroke?

A heat stroke is a high body temperature that is typically as highas 41 degree Celsius (106 degrees Fahrenheit). A victim will havered, hot, and dry skin. Rapid or shallow bre (MORE)