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Is there a mountain in Antarctica named after a Navy Chief Petty Officer?

Undoubtedly.    When people first explore a geography, often place names are given to geographical landmarks.     Since thousands of American Navy personnel s (MORE)

First chief petty officer?

Technically, there was none. Navy General Order 409 established the Chief Petty Officer rate (enlisted rank) for 9 of the then 12 Navy ratings (job titles) on 25 February 1893 (MORE)
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How many us naval ships were named after chief petty officers?

Seven have been or will be named after individual Chief Petty  Officers.    USS REEVES (DE 156)   USS TOMICH (DE 242)   USS HILL (DE 141)   USS TRUETT (DE (MORE)
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What is a chief petty officer mess?

That is a cafeteria onboard ship or on a Navy land base for Chief Petty Officers to eat. Chiefs are very powerful non-commissioned officers, so they rate (ha-ha) the perc of h (MORE)
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When does a chief petty officer get paid?

The revised plan: Boards for Sailors selected for advancement to  E-7, E-8 and E-9 are completed once per year. These Sailors will be  advanced at the three percent incremen (MORE)
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What does a repair parts petty officer do?

Reads tech manuals, schematics, and maintenance schedules in order to order, maintain, inventory, and issue repair parts/tools/materials within a workcenter for the on time ac (MORE)
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How do you address a letter to a petty officer?

It depends on the rank (Chief and above, or First-Third Class). If it's a personal letter going to someone on a ship/submarine/shore station, you'd address it using the Pett (MORE)