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What is an open adoption?

  Answer     It's the adoption process in which both the birth parent(s) and the adoptive parents are made known to each other.     http://www.openadopti (MORE)

How can you get adoption records?

Well there are laws about access to adoption records and they differ state to state. Also access to any records about the adoption are under laws by the state you live in or (MORE)

Can sealed adoption records be unsealed?

When people use the term "adoption records" it is somewhat vague. Which records they mean can vary greatly. However, most people are talking about accessing the original birth (MORE)

Can someone with a record ever adopt?

It really depends on a few factors. Some of the most relevant factors would be the type of the offense (not just whether it was a misdeamonor or a felony, but also what the ac (MORE)

Is a tape recorder admissible in Colorado?

It depends on how the recorder and the tapes, came to be used and entered into evidence. If it was from a court authorizerd/court ordered wiretap, yes, it can be. Sound record (MORE)

How can you find public records for Colorado?

Fortunately, there are a couple great websites for finding public records in Colorado. CourtReference provides access to online court records. There are both paid statewide se (MORE)

What store can you adopt a deer from in Colorado?

well its a good question.....................there are (3) ways to go about this..... (1). Hit a deer with ur car (make sure ur not going fast though cuz u mite kill it instea (MORE)