Are atoms found in all matter that we use?

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Is all matter made up of atoms?

According to the theory established beginning with Democritus in 300 BC, and advanced by John Dalton around 1802, all matter is made up of atoms. Atoms themselves are theorize

All matter is composed of atoms?

It is a true statement that all matter is composed of atoms. Thebasic unit of any element is an atom. The Latin word for atom isatomus.

Is magnetism found in all atoms?

Yes. Magnetism is a form of electricity. All atoms have electric charge e and thus have magnetic charge w=ze = 375 Ohms x.16 atto coulomb = 60 atto Webers, where z is the f

All matter is made of atoms?

It depends on which matter you are considering. If you are thinking about the everyday stuff, things like trees, mountains, people, air, etc, then yes, these are all made of a

Why is all matter made up of atoms?

Because of the Big bang, when Hydrogen (H) started to fuse together to Helium (He). This process was possible because of an enormous amount of gravity. It kept doing this, for