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Are black rhinos endothermic?

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Is the black rhino really black?

No.   The color is basically muddy grey. The main differences between the  white and black rhino is that the black rhino is a bit smaller and  has pointed lips.  

Why were the black rhinos named the black rhinos?

They aren'r really, it's all down to a messed-up translation. In Africa there are two species of rhino, one with a wide mouth and one with a pointy mouth. Wide in afrikaans is

Why are black rhinos dying out?

Poachers hunted this species to near extinction, for their horn, which was used in quack medicines, and brought an enormous price. The West African race of the black rhino was

What can you do to help black rhinos?

The best thing to do is stop poulterer to stop killing them for there horns but if that poulterer good to do that then here are fact black rhinos can kill in the night & the

Is a black rhino rare?

It is a Critically endangered species, and there are about 3,600 wild Black Rhinos left in Africa.

What do poachers do with black rhino skin?

Leave it to rot usually. It's nowhere near as valuable as the horn,  and a lot more difficult to carry around, treat and store.