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Are black rhinos endothermic?

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Which country are black rhinos found in?

The Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) is found in the eastern and central areas of Africa including Kenya, Tanzania,Cameroon,South Africa,Namibia and Zimbabwe.

What are the rhinos predators?

Rhinos are large and can weigh up to 3100 pounds, so they have few  natural enemies. Lions and other large wild cat are possible  predators of rhino calves. Humans also pose

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How long is a black rhino life span?

Black Rhinos can live 45 years or more in captivity, and generally 30 - 35 years in the wild.

Why were the black rhinos named the black rhinos?

They aren'r really, it's all down to a messed-up translation. In Africa there are two species of rhino, one with a wide mouth and one with a pointy mouth. Wide in afrikaans is

What are the adaptations of black rhinos?

Black rhinos have thick, armoured skin to protect them from  predators.   They have horns for defense, large ears to hear well (they are very  nearsighted) and great mas