Are ethical behavior and legal behavior the same?

Are ethical behavior and legal behavior the same?
Mark Swarthout Law & Legal Issues Supervisor
A business owner who was turned downed for a loan because it was to risky, had his accountant to change his accounting method from cach basis to accrual basis. Which he then applied for a laon with another bank (on the application there was a question that asked if he had been previously rejected for credit and he answered no). Is this business owner displaying ethical behavior or legal behavior and why?
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What is is ethical behavior?

Ethics are considered the moral standards by which people judge behavior. Ethical behavior is behavior that conforms to those accepted standards of social or professional beha… (MORE)

Is ethics a learned behavior?

No. It resides in the realm of ones conscience. Nearly all people who act unethically first attempt to rationalize their bad behavior in order to salve their conscience for wh… (MORE)

Can legal behavior be immoral?

Yes, legal behavior can be immoral, but it is generally quite subjective (i.e. it depends on the person's beliefs who is judging the morality of a behavior). Some people think… (MORE)