Are game shows definitive indicators of IQ?

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What does an IQ of 118 indicate?

Answer . \nAverage IQ range is 90 to you are a little above average...The average college graduate has an IQ of 115...Hope this helps...

What does an IQ of 154 indicate?

Answer . Of being on the same level of knowledge as Albert Einstein perhaps. . Answer . That, if you have had it tested officially, and probably more than once just

Definition of indicator?

Indicator can be defined as a benchmark for the presence or absence of a condition. Example:. pH indicator indicates the pH of the given sample.. Environmental bioindicator

Indication of IQ score of 135?

The IQ score 134 lies within the range of 120-140 which indicatesvery superior intelligence. IQ is the test of intelligence level ofa human being.

What does an IQ of 151 indicate?

An IQ of that level would indicate superior intelligence. It is essentially 3 standard deviations above the average and is well in to the genius range. Some consider genius to

What does an IQ of 147 indicate?

The average IQ score for the population is 100, so a score of 147 is well above average. An IQ test must be administered by a professional in a controlled environment to have

Definition of IQ test?

IQ test Intelligence quotient test Psychology A test that measures the complex interplay between attention, processing and retrieval of information, and execution of processe

What does an IQ of 76 indicate?

Well first of all, don't rely on these sites for your IQ score. Secondly, if you had an IQ of 76, you would have a tough time getting on the internet, which for you seems fair

Is dreaming in color indicative of IQ?

To a certain extent; dreaming in color implies a creative mind, and as a general rule creative people do indeed tend to be smarter than most. An interesting show on National G

What does an IQ of 141 indicate?

that you have quite superior mental abilities heres a range guide\n. \n( note that in most tests the average is 100 )\n. \n. \n. \nOver 140 - Genius or near genius\n120 -