Are pensioners covered by ambulance all over Australia?

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What was Walt's ambulance for the Red Cross covered with?

Walt joined the Red Cross and was sent overseas, where he spent a year driving an ambulance and chauffeuring Red Cross officials. His ambulance was covered from stem to stem,

Should you pull over for an ambulance with its lights on?

In the US - in most (all?) states that I am aware of - the law requires that, on an un-divided highway, you "Yield the Right-Of-Way" to emergency vehicles. Ambulance and Fir

Do koalas live all over Australia?

No. Koalas are only found in the eastern states, excluding Tasmania. They have been introduced to southwest Western Australia in protected colonies there.

Is ambulance service covered under medicare?

Yes. Medicare will cover emergency and non-emergency ambulance services if:It is medically necessary. Meaning that an ambulance is the only safe way to transport one and the

Are termites all over Australia?

Yes, termites are all over Australia. They love heat and humidity therefore they thrive up north, are a large threat through all areas until you get right down south where i
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Why are there wild fires all over Australia?

There are currently many fires in Australia because of the climate change. It is so hot that they have added a new climate zone onto the map of Australia (deep purple) which
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Which insurance company will ambulance cover?

Normal medical care usually doesn't cover the cost for ambulance. It is important to check with any local or national private insurance company if they cover ambulance fees or
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What areas does the Devon Air Ambulance cover?

The Devon Air Ambulance is an organisation that provides emergency services through helicopter air ambulances. The Devon Air Ambulance covers the county of Devon in the South