Can you deduct long term disability insurance premiums on taxes?

No, you cannot deduct premiums paid on disability insurance policies. Two scenarios, first if your employers pays the premiums you would receive the disbursements as taxable i (MORE)

What is a waiver of premium with disability income?

Waiver of premium suspends the need to make premium payments during the time when you are disabled. A waiver of premium provision is not automatic with every policy. Instead, (MORE)

Is life insurance ever subject to income taxation?

Yes it is possible that under certain conditions you could have some taxable income from the Life insurance proceeds. Life insurance proceeds paid to you because of the death (MORE)

Is disability insurance premium allowed as a pretax deduction in Ohio?

The pretaxing of disability premiums is a decision made byemployers when setting up Section 125 benefit plans. There arethree possible configurations: pretax only, after tax o (MORE)

What type of disability insurance policy likely to have he lowest premium for a given monthly payment?

Speaking very generally, an "any occupation" disability policy would have a lower premium than an "own occupation" policy. To collect under the first, one would have to be una (MORE)

What percent of income of paid by private disability insurance payments?

Every policy and insurance carrier is different. Private policieshave income percentage limits, and monthly benefit caps. Forexample, many policies will replace up to 70% of m (MORE)

Can you borrow from a insurance policy that the premium is paid off?

Most cash value life insurance policies allow for loans by thepolicy owner even if it is "paid off". Whether the policy is paid off or not is less important. What isimportant (MORE)