Are there any Walmart stores that sell timex watches?

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Where do you register a purchase of a Timex watch?

ANSWER: If and when you bought it, you should have received the box that the watch was delivered to the store in. Inside the box is the registration card. If you did not get the box and wore it out, go back to the place of purchase and ask for a registration card from the salesperson. They should be able to help you. Fill out the card and mail it in. This will register the purchase and allow you to use the warranty on the new purchase in case something happens to the watch.

What country makes the timex watch?

It is made in China.also go on youtube and watch "fred" videos. they are FUNNY!

How far is a lap on a timex watch?

Answer . I think what you are referring to is the lap function on the stopwatch. Lets say someone is running multiple laps on a track, you hit the lap button when one complete lap is finished and the individual lap time is saved without stopping the stopwatch for overall time

How do you use timex compass watch?

Hello,. You have to calibrate it first. Depending on which model you have, you usually have to push the button on the top right side of the watch for a few seconds, rotate the watch twice with each rotation lasting at least 15 seconds, then enter the declination number for the area that you live in. After calibrating it, just push the same button on the top right side of the watch to display the direction you're heading in. I hope that helps.

Are there any Walmart stores in India?

Yes. The first Walmart opened in Amritsar, India in 2009. Walmart India owns and operates 20 Best Price Modern Wholesale stores in 8 states across India.

How do you calibrate an analog Timex tide watch?

I've owned one for a few months now,Calibration is easy.. 1. pull the right hand middle button out once. 2. press the left hand compasss button once (the needle will spin twice to let you know it's in calibration mode). 3. slowly spin the watch twice anti-clockwise (taking about 1 min throughout). 4. press the compass button again (needle will swing to and back at the top to let you know it found the magnetic North position). push the right middle button back in.. Job Done.

Are there any air soft stores in Rockford Illinois besides Walmart Target Shopko and Dick's Sporting Goods like a whole store that just sell airsoft guns?

You're best chances are looking online for things, because there are very few whole airsoft stores. Most of what you'll find in your sporting goods store isn't all that great of stuff anyways. Read more: .

Does walmart stores sell designer hand bags?

Yes, some walmart stores sell real gucci and coach bags for not a alot but they are still real.

Do they sell fun-slides in stores like walmart?

No you can probally get in the Good Will store. But where i live, it's right acrss from the family library

How do you change the batteries for Timex watches?

Sometimes you can't do it yourself. It takes a special tool that only a jeweler has. Turn over the back and if it has little notches that takes a special tool. If it is flat you maybe able to pry it off. There should be a little indentation along the edge. Take a small jewelry screwdriver and pry the back off on that indention. If that doesn't come off right away I would take it to a jeweler before you ruin the watch. Some watches aren't worth getting a battery. Just get a new watch.

Which Walmart stores sell fabric?

The Walmart stores in West Lafayette, IN and Fayetteville, NC continue to sell fabric. I would like to know which stores (if there are any) near Atlanta, GA that still sells fabric.

How long does a timex watch last?

Hi, I bought my Timex watch in 1999. It's 2012 now, and it still goes strong. It uses CR2012 battery, which is not manufactured (but I can buy on ebay). It has a steel bezel and steel band. Regards Csaba

How do you set the date on a timex watch?

Hold down the set button when it is in the normal mode (where it shows the time and date) (this button should be labeled, if not then try the upper left button). Then wait a little while until it comes up saying "TIME", at this point press the "next" button, which is normally what is labeled (not on the screen) as "Mode". You will then get to the screen with the time and date. Continue pressing the "next"/"mode" button until you get to the day, then set the day with the "start/spilt"/"+" and the "stop/reset"/"-" button. Once that is done press mode again and you get to the date which you set the same way as the day. When done press the "done"/"set" button. Sorry, these directions are kinda confusing, but its hard to explain these things.

How do you set a timex 1440 watch?

Hold down the 'Mode' button in the top left corner of the watch for around 2 seconds. You should see a pulsing display on the hours. This is the alarm time. Press the 'Adjust' button in the bottom right corner of the watch to set the hour and the 'Start/Stop' button in the top right corner of the watch to toggle hour/minute. To set the time, press the 'Mode' button again. You will see a time with the seconds pulsing. Press 'Adjust' to reset the seconds to zero. Press 'Start/Stop' to toggle down to the hour/minute/date/day of the week. Press 'Mode' again to set the information you have just entered. here's a website for it: Press and hold mode till the hour starts blinking Press and hold Mode again till the date starts blinking Use start/stop to go between hour minute and date use set to set the time and date Press and hold mode till the hour starts blinking Press and hold Mode again till the date starts blinking Use start/stop to go between hour minute and date use set to set the time and date

Is there any walmart store in Pittsburgh PA?

Yes. This one is probably the closest to downtown: . Walmart 2200 Washington Pike Carnegie, PA 15106.

Are any stores selling any seeds?

This depends on what seeds you are looking at buying and where abouts you live and want to get your seeds from. most flower and vegetable seeds can be found at warehouses, plant stores, vegetable shops .... etc ...or you can purchase these at any Bunning's, or mitre10 stores.

Is there any stores that sell keyblades?

I've seen a store called Shades and Blades in St. Augustine, Florida that sells a wooden replica of the Kingdom Key.

Does any store sell longinexx?

Longinexx is not being sold in any store at this time. However you can order it online by going to or by calling 1-800-799-6384.

How many of the walmart store sell fabric and which one sell it?

The Wal-Mart in Ashtabula, OH still sells fabric and the department is a good size too.

Are there any walmart stores in Italy?

There are not any Walmart stores in Italy, Texas. There are someWalmart stores close by, such as the ones in Ennis and Waxahachue.

Does walmart stores sell zweigles hot dogs in Florida?

Please do not take my answer as a definite, but I believe they do not. From what I know/understand they are either too small of a company to do so and prefer to stay local. Plus they can be shipped anywhere which saves the company money since the customer pays the shipping. The name is already well know, it Kinda sells itself. I hope this helped

How do I set your Indigo WR30m Timex watch?

Ok. This took me a while so I hope this works for you. Press theMODE button until you get to SET. Then press the START/SPLIT buttonuntil it says TIME which could be about 7 times. I think I then hitOK/View until I got to TIME1. Then use the SAVE/STOP button toscroll down to MANUAL. Once that is blinking, you can hit the OKbutton to change the time manually. (Always hit OK to accept anyinformation you put in) If you want to scroll up (hours/min/sec ordate etc.) use the START to go up and the STOP to go down. When youget the information where you want it, hit OK and the watch will goto the next setting. It gets pretty easy from there. Hope thishelps because it was frustrating as hell for me.

Which stores sell fossil watches?

There are many online stores that sell Fossil watches, along with retailers like Dillards sell the watches. Stores like Journey and Buckle also carry this merchandise.

What walmart stores in illinois sell fabric?

I am aware of one in Clinton IL. Crazy too because it is the tiniest Walmart I have ever been in.

Which walmart stores in Tampa Florida sell fabric?

I know that the store on Dale Mabry (South of Bucs stadium) sold it as of 2009. I would think that they still do.

What stores sell energy watches?

You will need a bit more information in your search for a store that sells energy watches. There are a varity of designers who sell to different stores, if you know the design name eg. Casio then your question could read, What store sells Casio energy watches? and you will be led to a narrower search.

What stores sell watch display cases?

"A lot of online shops such as overstock and ebay sell watch display cases. However, if you're looking for an indoor shop, they are also sold at Kohls and Macys."

Does anyone sell flex watches at stores?

There are several stores selling them across California. AlsoZappos and Hot Topic sell them, but they're kind of limited. Youcan always buy Flex Watches at

How do you set the time on a Timex Expedition Watch?

One way to set the time on a Timex is to press the mode button on the watch until it displays the time. Press set button and than the start/split button to change the time. Press the stop/reset button to decrease and press the set button again to set the time. Please refer to the related link for more information.

Are there any Walmart stores in Iceland?

Walmart does not operate any stores in Iceland. As of August 2012, Walmart operates stores in the following countries: . Argentina . Botswana . Brazil . Canada . Chile . China . Costa Rica . El Salvador . Ghana . Guatemala . Honduras . India . Japan . Lesotho . Malawi . Mexico . Mozambique . Namibia . Nicaragua . Nigeria . South Africa . Swaziland . Tanzania . Uganda . United Kingdom . United States . Zambia

Does any walmart sell sensa weight loss system?

Not that I am aware of. The company website for sensa lists these as primary retailers: GNC, Costco and Target.

How much is a simple Timex watch?

Depending on which gender style watch, Timex ranges from 80 dollars (for the most simple, featureless watches) to over 400 dollars (for the more elaborate, ornate and featured watches.) For more information visit their stores/site or other retail locations and stores.

What retail stores sell Nixon watches?

Nixon watches are a mid-range priced watch so they can be purchased at somewhat upscale retailers and department stores that carry watches. There are also many online watch stores that have them available, such as TheWatchery and WorldOfWatches.

What jewelry stores sell Rolex watches?

Rolex watches are available directly from the Rolex Company which manufactures them. They are also available from various jewelry retailers that sell high-end jewelry.

What do timex watches cost?

Timex watches vary in cost according to the style and store of purchase. A Timex watch can be purchased for as little as $25 but as much as $175 or more.

What types of stores sell luxury watches?

There are many locations to purchase luxury watches. One of the best places to check is a high end department store like Neiman Marcus or Saks 5th Avenue. Directly from the manufacture like Rolex is also a good idea.

What department stores sell Tommy watches?

All department stores sell Tommy watches. Try going to a store such as Tesco or Sainsburry's. Make sure to go to one of the larger stores, not a small local store.

Where can you purchase mens Timex watches?

Men's Timex watches can be purchased from a plethora of stores both physically and online. Stores range from Amazon, Timex, Sears, and Kmarts, to other popular shopping centers such as Overstock, Macy's, and even Walmart.

What stores sell Dolce and Gabbana watches?

If someone wants a genuine Dolce and Gabbana watch then they need to go to stores such as Macy's or Harrods that are known to sell the genuine article. There are a lot of lookalikes and fakes available from cheaper stores.

What are the different features of a Timex Ironman watch?

There are many different features on the Timex Ironman watch. These features include such functionality as being able to convey information about the pace of a person's running. Another feature is waterproofing and an alert for a person's heart rate.

Where can one find a Timex military watch?

A Timex military watch can be purchased online on the official Timex website. You will need to provide a valid electronic payment and a valid shipping address.

What models of watches does Timex make for kids?

Timex makes both digital and analog watches for children. Some of their models include the Kids Digital Camouflage, the Kids Digital Flames, the Kids Digital Rocket Ship, the Kids QA Blue Flowers, the Kids QA Butterflies, and the Kids QA Camouflage.

Where can one purchase Timex Indiglo watches?

You could buy it online from Timex's official website. Alternatively, you could go into your local jewelers. You could also go online to eBay or Argos to buy the Timex Indiglo.

Are there any Walmart stores in Mexico?

There are Walmart stores in Mexico. The headquarters for Walmart Mexico are in Mexico City, and there are over two thousand Walmart stores across Mexico.

How many types of watches does Timex make?

Timex currently has 5 different collections. There are a number of watches within these collections. There are fine watches, casual watches, as well as athletic watches.

What is the price range for a Timex Indiglo watch?

There is a wide price range for the Timex Indiglo watch. Depending on which type of watch is needed, the price can range from 100 dollars to over 500 dollars.

What stores sell outdoor watches?

All watches can be worn outdoors as well as indoors. As far as what stores sell watches outside, most of them don't because it would be too easy for theft. Sometimes you can buy one at a swap meet with someone tending to the merchandise.

What stores sell Seiko watches for men?

There are a wide variety of retailers that carry Seiko watches for Men. Stores such as Walmart and Target, as well as internet retailers like EBay and Amazon all carry Seiko watches for men.

What stores sell cerruti watches?

Cerruti watches can be found and Macy's and JCPenney. You can also buy them online at sites like eBay, Amazon and nextag. There are several kinds so make sure to shop around.

Do any stores sell addrena?

Unfortuntely no stores sell Addrena and it is only sold on theirwebsite. Their website does take Paypal which is safe method ofpayment which assures you that if youb have any issues with theseller you gte your money back. The shipping rate takes anywherefrom 2-3 days depending how far you live from the east coast. Thewebsite to order it is at and there is an accompanyingblog. More information at the related link below.