If a group of officers of different ranks is approached by a group of NCOs do all officers return salute or just the most senior officer?

Those travelling with a senior officer are, in effect, a part of the senior officer and return the salute simultaneously with the senior officer. Basic protocol is that you sh (MORE)

What is the officers ranks?

In the Navy, the ranks are (in ascending order) Ensign, Junior Lieutenant, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, Rear Admiral (lower half), Rear Admiral (upper (MORE)
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What is the order of the officer ranks in the US army?

Here's the list of commissioned officers for the US Army: General of the Army (5 stars), General (4 stars), Lieutenant General (3 stars), Major General (2 stars), Brigadier G (MORE)

Can a juinor ranking officer in a senior appointment give an order to a senior officer in rank?

Traditionally, a Junior Officer acting in a higher rank, may only give orders to those of his acting rank or lower.. For example: A Lieutenant, Royal Navy, with an acting ran (MORE)
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What rank is senior chief in navy?

A senior chief is a person who holds the enlisted (E) rank of E-8. They are one rank above Chiefs, and one below a Master Chief. Im my rate they generally serve as an SEL (sen (MORE)

Can a junior police personnel inquire and arrest a senior Army officer?

Yes- If they have broken the law. If anyone breaks the law, they can be arrested by anyone, and even could be placed under citizen's arrest. Minor point of terminology- In th (MORE)