Are there any U.S. Supreme Court cases involving the 25th Amendment?

No. The 25th Amendment deals with Presidential disability and succession, and wasn't ratified until February 1967. To date, no legal controversies have arisen from this Amendm (MORE)

Is their any Court cases involving the KKK?

Yes, many cases involve the Ku Klux Klan. Many courts have ruled in favor of the Klan's right to speech, assembly, anonymous pamphleteering, participation in Missouri's "adopt (MORE)

Civil court cases involve?

Civil court cases are a way for people to try to gain compensation for damages caused to them. It differs from criminal court in that the end result is a monetary amount given (MORE)

Are there any US Supreme Court cases involving the Third Amendment?

No. The Third Amendment is one of the least cited parts of the Bill of Rights, and was only included because England's practice of housing British soldiers in private homes wa (MORE)

Are there any court cases involving the 'Adult Education and Family Literacy Act'?

The Adult Education and Family Literacy Act was signed into law in 1998, as part of the Workforce Investment Act established during the Clinton administration. A thorough sea (MORE)