Are there squatters rights in Jamaica?

Yes, under a concept known as adverse possession.
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How can you claim squatters right in the house you live in x wants to throw you out got no money or any where to live?

Not all places and countries have squatters rights, those that do have them vary. You need to check local legislation for this.     - - - - -     Simple answer: (MORE)

What are squatters and what do they do?

Squatter is an informal term for a trespasser. A squatter is a person who lives upon premises owned by another person, without the owner's permission, i.e., a trespasser. Squa (MORE)

What did squatters believe?

  In Australian history, squatters were graziers who occupied land without having any formal title to it. They believed that if they maintained and improved the land, they (MORE)
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Understanding Adverse Possession in Real Estate

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The City of Fillmore, California

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Do squatters have rights in the United States?

Yes in many states they do...but there are many requirements that must be met before they can claim any rights to the property,A Squatter is refered to as An adverse possessor (MORE)

What are squatters rights in California?

Squatters have no rights in California. Squatters are trespassers. According to the California Civil Code a trespasser must occupy the real property hostile to the rights of t (MORE)