Are you able to ambulate when you have a pelvic fracture?

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Why would a elderly person not be able to go to er by ambulance?

there shouldn't be any reason that an elderly person cannot go by ambulance. with a dnr order care providers cannot ressucitate him but they cant reffuse care of him. ambulances are also alot bumpier than a normal car so its not always best for someone to ride in an ambulance expecially if they have ( Full Answer )

What is fracture?

Mineralogically speaking, fracture means the characteristicappearance of the surface of a freshly broken mineral or rock. Itcan also mean the manner in which a mineral or rock naturallybreaks. Synonyms of fracture include, but are notlimited to: splinter, smash, split, rupture, and shatter. ( Full Answer )

What is the Synonym of ambulance?

synonym for ambulance hospital wagon, mobile hospital, Red Cross truck, rescue squad,field wagon, hospital plane, sick transport, medevac (short forMedical evacuation), life flight, mobile care vehicle, etc

How much blood is lost in a pelvic fracture?

I will try to answer it although the question could be considered very similar to "How much would a car crash cost me to repair" The "average" "severe" pelvic fractures can bleed around 6 units of blood (pints or 473ml) Fortunately, the more common fracture of pubic rami (common in old ladies) blee ( Full Answer )

Pelvic hairline fracture?

A pelvic hairline fracture is a fracture of the pelvis that ischaracterized by an incomplete crack in one of the pelvic bones.Most pelvic hairline fractures can be treated without surgery andwith modification of daily activities.

What physical therapy is for pelvic fractures?

That depends on a number of factors: the type of pelvic fracture, if you had surgery, your physical condition, the rate of healing, other injuries you may have sustained, etc. I had a fracture of one of the Sitz bones (pelvic loops) that required bed rest but no surgery. My PT started after the sixt ( Full Answer )

Pathophysiology of pelvic fracture?

I fractured the pubic ramus - upper & lower-non-displaced with no surgery 10-18-08. I have intense pain down the inside of my right leg likened to a knife cutting deep into the leg almost to the knee. I also have intense numbness and pain in the outside of both legs from the hip to the knee. Is this ( Full Answer )

How much blood can be lost in a pelvic fracture?

Contd...(to avoid any confusion with numbers in my previous answer) Each unit of blood is a pint or 473ml. Therefore, 6 units the you may bleed with a severe pelvic fracture is about 3 litres, or about half your available blood.

Can pelvic fracture occur during childbirth?

A friend tells me that she had pelvic fracture( hair line)during child birth 10 years ago and had been living with pelvic pain.Now she is unable to have sex, sever pain in legs and lower back.She also suffers from dipression.She has been told that only solution is pelvic surgery.. IS IT POSSIBLE TO ( Full Answer )

Why do you call the ambulance as ambulance?

The term ambulance comes from the Latin word ambulare, meaning to walk or move about which is a reference to early medical care where patients were moved by lifting or wheeling.

What are the symptoms of a hairline pelvic fracture?

A hairline pelvic fracture may include symptoms such as pain in oraround the fracture and swelling. Depending on where the fractureis located, you may also experience issues with the bladder.

When will be able to walk on a fracture break?

That kind of question can only really be answered by a doctor. It depends on how bad the fracture is. It will be different for different fractures and there are other things that may influence it, like the age of the patient, the weight of the patient, if they have any other conditions that could af ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to be able to not be on crutches when you have a hairline fracture in your knee?

This is a very difficult question to answer without any background information about the person or understanding of the injury.. It totally depends on your age, diet, level of fitness, metabolic rate, bone density, and how big and where the hairline fracture is located. There is a very, very small ( Full Answer )

What is a fracture?

Literally means "break". In geology it can be a tension-crack by dessication or tectonic forces in a sediment or precipitation-formation; or a cooling-contraction crack in igneous rock (think Giant's Causeway). It can also be a Fault - a major cross-formation break with accompanying displacement o ( Full Answer )

Is a pelvic fracture painful?

Well, even a blow to the pelvic region is painful, Then a fracture would obviously be way more painful. So, yes.

Why is the lithosphere able to fracture into an earthquake?

The lithosphere is brittle. A brittle material is one that loses cohesion when it fails allowing fractures to propagate through the material. The lithosphere is brittle because it is at too low a temperature and pressure to fail or deform in a ductile manner.

Why do you need ambulances?

We need ambulances so they can take sick people or hurt people to the hospital quicker. They have a loud siren that warns everyone that someone is hurt or sick. When you see them passing by or blowing the horn """STOP""" and let them get the sick or hurt people to the hospital.

How is a pelvic fracture diagnosed?

Bone tenderness, limitations of movement, difficulty walking, and any loss of nerve function in the lower part of the body and for signs of injury to nearby organs of the intestinal or genitourinary systems.

What are the symptoms of pelvic fracture?

Pain in the groin, hip, lower back, may worsen when walking or moving the legs; abdominal pain; numbness/tingling; bleeding from the vagina, urethra (urine tube), or rectum; difficulty urinating.

What is the treatment for a severe pelvic fracture?

The immediate goal is to control the bleeding and stabilize the injured person's condition. Resuscitation procedures may be required and internal bleeding treated with I.V., often extensive surgery is required.

What is the use of a ambulance?

That depends on what type of ambulance you are talking about. Emergency Ambulance: most common type which provide care to people with an illness or injury. It can be road-going van, boat, helicopter, or fixed-wing aircraft also known as air ambulance. Patient transport ambulance: a vehicle in which ( Full Answer )

How may pelvic fracture be prevented?

Those with bone-weakening conditions (osteoporosis or cancer), or tendencies to fall, should follow their treatment regimens, use walking aids, home safety devices and avoid climbing up.

What are the causes of pelvic fracture?

High-speed accidents (car or motorcycle crashes), falls from great heights, spontaneously or after minor falls in those with bone-weakening diseases (osteoporosis) or during athletic activities.

Describe a serious pelvic fracture?

A serious pelvic fracture can be a life-threatening event requiring emergency medical care and lengthy rehabilitation. May involve damage to nearby internal organs.

What is a description of pelvic fracture?

Pelvic rings often break in more than one place. Pelvic fractures range widely in severity. Disruption of the major ring is usually a severe injury while disruption of a minor ring is often not serious.

What is a stable pelvic fracture?

A stable fracture is one in which the pelvis remains stable and involves one break-point in the pelvic ring with minimal hemorrhage.

What is an unstable pelvic fracture?

An unstable fracture is one in which the pelvis is unstable with two or more break-points in the pelvic ring with moderate to severe hemorrhage.

What are alternative treatments for pelvic fracture?

To speed up the healing process, some practitioners of alternative medicine recommend magnetic field therapy, hydrogen peroxide therapy, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B complex, and zinc.

Describe a mild pelvic fracture?

A mild fracture (for example, one that occurs due to the impact of jogging) may heal in several weeks without surgery.

What is emergency treatment for pelvic fracture?

After a serious accident or high fall, emergency assistance should be called. The injured person should be covered with a blanket (to maintain body heat) and not be moved.

What does a ambulance attendant do?

Ambulance attendant is an old name for what is now known as an EMT or paramedic. In today's ambulances there are two people in each vehicle, supplemented by additional persons from the fire department in the case of a critical transport. In the case where two people involved, there is a driver and a ( Full Answer )

Why is word ambulance in an ambulance is reversed?

So a driver in front of the ambulance can read the word in his/her rear view mirror. Write the word ambulance on a piece of paper and write the word ambulance backwards on the same piece of paper. Hold the paper up to a mirror and you will see that the backwards word is now the right way and the r ( Full Answer )

What is the sound of a ambulance?

It depends on where you are in the world. In the US, most ambulances sirens have 2 or 3 settings....a long, slowly ascending and descending Whooo sound, a short rapidly ascending and descending warble tone, and sometimes a 3rd, higher, louder, phazer sound (my favorite to get attention of complace ( Full Answer )

Who is in an ambulance?

Ambulances are commonly staffed in two person crews. The type of licensure these people have depend on the type of ambulance they are operating in. There are two different types of ambulances: Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS). A BLS truck is staffed with at least one EMT-Bas ( Full Answer )

What is fractured?

The term refers to something snaped /broken i.e. a fractured arm isin fact a break in one of the bones. It also refers to any soliditem that breaks. i.e a bridge support may, under certainsituations fracture (break)