Are you considered a veteran if you served in the army National Guard in the usa from 1959 to 1965?

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How many years do you have to serve to be considered veteran?

Answer . 180 days of Active Service and an Honorable Discharge. Answer . My father was in the navy and it didn't have anything to do with how long he served. He is considered a veteran and it often refers to retired armed services personnel. A veteran is one who has served in the armed forc (MORE)

Are you a veteran if you served in the National Guard?

No. H.R. 1025 passed the House in 2012 but has not yet passed the Senate. Currently, you are only considered a veteran if you served on a Title 10 tour of duty. 99% of all National Guard active duty is served on Title 32. H.R. 1025 won't cost the government a penny, but until it becomes law, service (MORE)

Are you a veteran if you were in the National Guard?

The statutory definition of veteran is quite different. If you served on active duty or you were injured while performing active or inactive duty for training in the National Guard then you are a veteran who may be entitled to federal benefits. Service in a combat zone or period of war is not a dete (MORE)

How many people serve in the National Guard?

See website: US National Guard.. Note: Even though the National Guard is a STATE military, it is still governed by the US Federal Government. The commander in chief for the state National Guard is their respective state Governor, but if the Governor violates Federal Law, then the Guard can be activ (MORE)

Does the national guard work with the army national guard?

yes There are actually 2 types of national guards. There is the Air National Guard which is part of the Air Force and the Army National Guard which is part of the Army. Then there is the State Guard which certain states have and work closely with the army national guard.

Who is better army or National Guard?

It depends on who your are asking. You should check out the websites so tha tyou can decide which is better for you! (see related links). If you're talking about which is better in terms of proficiency, it's usually going to be the Regular Army, hands down. One weekend a month, two weeks a year is (MORE)

Are you considered a veteran if you served from 1970 to 1976 in the Army reserves?

This is a common question and should be addressed to the Veterans Administration; they no doubt will have an answer for you. However, they will want to know if you were "active reserve", meaning in uniform and attending the required duties. In contrast to being a reservist that never wore the unifor (MORE)

How long do people serve in the National Guard?

During the Viet war US males had an obligation of 6 years in the reserves or guard. If the man did 2 years active duty when he was discharged he still had 4 years to go, albeit as INACTIVE reservists. Inactive reservists didn't have to wear the uniform nor attend monthly drills (they didn't get paid (MORE)

How long do you have to serve in The Army National Guard?

During the Viet War, a man had to either do 2 yrs in the US Army, or 6 yrs in the Guard or USAR (US Army Reserve). The USAR is new, compared to the Guard, the USAR was created in the early 20th century to provide a "pool" of administrative & support personnel for the Regular Army. Thus, nearly all o (MORE)

Are you a veteran if you served in the National Guard from 1979 to 1983?

The normal questions from the VA during those years was usually, "how many days active duty, discounting active duty FOR TRAINING...?" However, times have changed, contact them again and see if government policies have been re-adjusted. After all, the Guard has been used heavily for over-seas deploy (MORE)

Is the army national guard and the Florida national guard the same?

Each state has a military bureau, which is ultimately responsible for that state's respective National Guard units when they're not under federal activation. The National Guard consists of two services - the Army National Guard (ultimately subordinate to the Army), and the Air National Guard (ulti (MORE)

Who are the president to serve in the National Guard?

George W. Bush served in the Air National Guard . Bill Clinton enlisted into the National Guard, then canceled his enlistment when he became certain he wouldn't be drafted. . Harry S. Truman served in the Army National Guard 15 other presidents served in various state and other militias before (MORE)

What is the difference between a National Guard and the Army?

The differences are pretty widespread. The Regular Army (active Army) is a fully federal, full time force. The National Guard, on the other hand, has a state role, as well as a federal role, and is composed of part-time soldiers. Since the National Guard serves in the role of the state militia, they (MORE)

I served actve duty from 1959 to Dec 1962. I was in active reserve from 1962 to 1967. I never served in Vietnam. Am I considered a Vietnam veteran?

Check with TODAYs VA. They change their rules (federal laws) frequently. They up-date them, change them, add to them, and delete them. During the Vietnam days, reserves (Army and Air National Guard & USAR/USNR/USMCR/etc) normally did not receive veteran status credit for active duty TRAINING days (MORE)

Does National Guard service qualify for veterans preference?

Yes, after 6 years of service or getting deployed. A different perspective: No. Unless you were deployed or did 180 days of active duty. A difference of opinion has risen here. Anyone with information regarding the regulation that covers this, please provide it to solve this dilemma.

Is the state national guard the same as the army national guard?

The state National Guard and the United States National Guard are one in the same, with the only variances being the authority they were activated under (state or federal). Not all National Guard personnel are Army National Guard - there's also the Air National Guard, which falls under the Air Force (MORE)

Are National Guard considered veterans?

yes if the member was deployed for over 180 days of active service. It is my understanding that they do not count active duty for training. I was in the Guard, and remember doing the same thing in basic as US and RA members did there and in AIT. Does their training time count toward the 180 da (MORE)

Would you be a veteran if was in the National Guard but did not have any active duty?

1. There are exceptions to every rule. 2. Generally, a specified number of ACTIVE DUTY days (such as 90 days) was generally acceptable to attain veteran status...OTHER than for training. 3. Injuries/wounds received in the line of duty might also count for veteran status (part of the exception to (MORE)

Are army veterans considered federal employees?

If they are on active duty, or Reservists on active duty, then yes, they are Federal employees. Retired Veterans are considered Federal retirees, as are Disabled Veterans receiving VA benefits.

Is the USA considered a Christian nation?

Christianity is the biggest religeon in the us - however there are many others - in general most americans hold a common belief in god and many attend church regularly - us money displays the motto - in god we trust

What is army national guard reserve?

No such thing. The Army National Guard and Army Reserve are two separate entities. The Army National Guard serves also as the state National Guard, and is under the jurisdiction of state governors when not called to active duty. Soldiers in the Army Reserve are wholly federal, and cannot be called u (MORE)

Are You Veteran if you served in the New York State National Guard from 1963-1969?

NYS does not recognize National Guard and Reserves as veterans even after completion of their military obligations. Most (if not all) State and City applications with veterans preferences do not recognize National Guard/Reserve service, regardless of how long or honorable it was. The simple rule use (MORE)

Why are coast guard considered veterans?

The coast guard is a branch of the military. Most small boat operations in armed conflicts are driven by a coastie . Most of the landing craft driven onto the beaches of normandy where skippered by the coast guard. They are armed and even go on special ops missions with teams like the seals. They al (MORE)