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Can a person receive temporary disability insurance while working?

  DI is meant to support you financially when you can't work. Insurance companies do not wish to pay you the benefit if you can still do your job. So the answer is no. T (MORE)

If you receive unemployment benefits can you still receive disability benefits?

Generally speaking, No. There may be extenuating circumstances depending on the state involved where you worked and the nature of the disability. Technically, you wouldn't get (MORE)

Can an illegal alien be eligible to receive disability benefits?

A person that is illegally living and working in the United States should not be able to receive Disability benefits.    Insurance Companies will require citizenship in (MORE)
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Who is eligible to receive a disability living allowance?

You're eligible to receive a disability living allowance if you are under the age of 65. In order to receive a disability living allowance you must have walking difficulties o (MORE)