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As a result of the line of demarcation what was spoken to the east of the line and what was spoken to the east?

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Is Arabic spoken in all the middle east?

  Arabic is widely used around all parts of the Middle East. It is like a necessity the same way English is needed in America. Though each regions may vary with different

How many languages are spoken in the middle east?

A lot. I live in Tennessee and i hear many. Chinese, American, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and many more! Probably anything you could think of. Answer: The previous answer h

What languages are spoken in the Middle East?

There are about 50 languages spoken in the Middle East.    Arabic is the main language in Middle East for most countries.  Notable exceptions are Iran, which speaks Pe
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What is line Demarcation?

provision of treaty of tordesillas to divide the Americas between  Spain and Portugal to colonize.
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Is Fulani spoken in the Middle East?

Yes, but by very small minorities of African migrant workers. It isnot a national, regional, or city language in any Middle Eastern orNorth African State. The largest populati