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What did the Tonkin Gulf resolution do?

Allowed the US to conduct open warfare against NORTH VIETNAM and conduct conventional warfare in SOUTH Vietnam; replacing the earlier guerrilla war tactics.

What was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution of 1964?

It was the Congressional resolution authorizing the deployment of US combat forces to South Vietnam, which occurred following a naval engagement between the US and North Vietn

What was the significance of the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?

1. Transitional phase of the war, from a strictly guerrilla war in South Vietnam to a conventional war between the regular army of North Vietnam and the regular Army of the Un

Why did Congress pass the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?

In the US a president can declare   a war but it cannot be waged without the support of Congress because it   finances the military. Congress clearly felt that something

How did the Tonkin Gulf Resolution lead to greater US involvement in the Vietnam War?

The Tonkin Golf Resolution was the congressional response to two alleged attacks on U.S. ships in international waters by Vietnamese vessels. President Johnson asked congress

Gulf of tonkin resolution?

Interesting that the least publicized military branch, the North Vietnamese Navy should start open warfare between the US and North Vietnam. The Resolution came within a week