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What was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution of 1964?

It was the Congressional resolution authorizing the deployment of US combat forces to South Vietnam, which occurred following a naval engagement between the US and North Vietn

Which president asked for the tonkin gulf resolution?

President Johnson asked congress for and received a resolution giving him power to use whatever was necessary to protect U.S. interests in Vietnam on August 7, 1964.

What were the effects of the Tonkin Gulf Resolution?

1. Vietnam was no longer a guerrilla war; but a conventional one,  using US combat troops.   2. Open war existed between the countries of North Vietnam and the  United S

What were the causes of the Tonkin Gulf Resolution?

1. 02 August 1964, three torpedo boats from the North Vietnamese Navy's 135th Torpedo Squadron engaged the destroyer USS Maddox in the Gulf. 2. 04 August 1964, alleged torpedo

Why did the gulf of tonkin resolution occur?

Because North Vietnamese Navy (NVN) torpedo boats attacked the USN destroyer USS Maddox on 02 August 1964. Then, allegedly again on the 4th. The resolution occurred shortly af

Describe the gulf of tonkin resolution?

It is a classic example of a FALSE FLAG. there are two instances that took place as the us navy was in northern Vietnam waters and were attacked. but this led to nowhere so th