Where was the World Trade Center located?

Complex formerly consisting of seven buildings around a central plaza, near the southern tip of Manhattan New York. Its huge twin towers (completed 1970 - 72) were designed by (MORE)

Was there a daycare center in the World Trade Center?

Yes there was a daycare in the World Trade Center, but right afterthe first plane hit they piled all of the kids into shopping cartsand took them to a church. If they were not (MORE)

Why was the world trade center built for?

The world trade center, from its inception, was designed and built for the sole purpose of bringing it down on September 11th, 2001 and beginning multiple wars of aggression t (MORE)

How did the World trade center collapsed?

Well thousands and thousands of jet fuel were in the gaping hole and as the supports started getting weaker from the blazing fire when one floor collapsed the weight got a lot (MORE)