Who crashed into The World Trade Center?

Eleven terrorists attacked the World Trade Center when they flew 2 jet planes into the two towers (one into each building). They killed many people in the buildings and the pl (MORE)

Was there a daycare center in the World Trade Center?

Yes there was a daycare in the World Trade Center, but right afterthe first plane hit they piled all of the kids into shopping cartsand took them to a church. If they were not (MORE)

Who died in the World Trade Center?

People of all colors and creeds. People sitting at their desks doing their jobs. People who, unable to bear the agony of the flames licking their backs chose instead, to leap (MORE)

Why a mosque by The World Trade Center?

The planned Islamic community centre will be two blocks from 'Ground Zero', further from the site than one already existing nearby. As to why in that part of the city: because (MORE)