When did babies start getting footprinted?

i don't know when baby's start to get footprints but i do know that if you are 17 weeks in your pregnancy the baby starts to get finger prints which means that they have an id (MORE)

How do you treat baby marmoset with diarrhea?

I would suggest calling your local zoo veterinarian and asking for advice - diarrhea in any young animal can be life-threatening very quickly. Treatment will likely include IV (MORE)

What food can you give baby with diarrhea?

Any food you want to - hot peppers are especially fun to watch, and you can tell right away if its the 'im hungry/thirsty/tired cry', or the 'i have a suprise for you - it's i (MORE)

How do you treat a baby goat that has diarrhea?

It depends on why the kid has diarrhea - is it a sudden change in the concentration or type of milk replacer, changing from goats milk to milk replacer, overfeeding, variation (MORE)

Baby bunny with diarrhea?

I believe it is possible for any animal to get diarrhoea, especially, perhaps, a vulnerable baby rabbit (a bunny is a small rabbit, incidentally) whose immune system is perhap (MORE)

How do you stop diarrhea in baby minilops?

Diarrhoea in baby rabbits (including mini lops) is a serious, life-threatening emergency that can kill within a few hours, so don't delay even a minute: go to a vet immediatel (MORE)