How do you remove the driver door panel your door handle is stuck up and won't release?

Answer . \n(1) Wind down the window glass. (2) Bend one piece of stiff steel wire into the form of a small hook like the letter L with the lower portion only about 8 mm lo (MORE)

How do you remove the driver's door panel from a 1996 Chevy Suburban stuck at handle area?

there is to parts to the handle the inner plate u put a flat head in between the two first on top then on bottom and pull each time. On my 1999 the inner door handle has a (MORE)

How do you remove door latch?

Answer . \nYou have to take the inside door trim out of the door, then there will be some bolts on the inside of the door remove the nuts and your door latch will come out (MORE)

How do I open the drivers door on a 1968 El Camino when the latch is broken and I have already removed the door handle and inside door panel.?

Try to pull (or push) on the inside actuating rod that opened the door from inside. You may need an inspection mirror, good lighting, and skilled hands to access the specific (MORE)

Outer door latch broke door stuck closed?

If you are referring to the rear door of a 2000 Windstar, I had a similar problem. The outer latch seemed as if it was no longer connected. By removing two screws located abou (MORE)