What amp is best to recharge a 4 wheeler battery?

With pretty much any lead-acid battery, 15-amps will give you a full charge. ** More than 15 amps will cause overheating. Less than 15 amps will recharge too slowly. (MORE)
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What is the best iPhone 4 case?

This is hugely subjective. Some answers from contributors include: . Cath Kidston case for Apple iPhone 4 . Designer iphone 4 cases, . shining Swarovski crystal cases
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What is the best way to get free music on your iPhone?

ITunes provides free tracks now and again and any music you have stored on your computer can be transferred or copied to your iPhone via iTunes. Also you can visit websites fo (MORE)
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Is iPhone best or galaxy s 4?

While the best is subjective, the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S4 are both best in class smartphones. The iPhone runs the latest Apple iOS which is very user friendly while t (MORE)