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Caller tone Tamil songs?

  You can set Tamil songs as caller tunes. But it depends on your service provider. Most of the these service providers offer Tamil caller tunes.
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How can you get acting chance in Tamil movie?

if u want a chance in tamil movie (cinechance) means go to the website called that go to the chance.
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Tamil thai vazhthu song explanation in Tamil?

(Oh Tamil Country!) you are beautifully clad in the wavy rivers and seas; Your chiseled face shines amidst the famous Barath sub-continent; You are the elite Dravidian country (MORE)

How do you get carnatic swaras for Tamil movie songs?

It lies in the talent of the music director. When a music is  composed in a particular raaga...say for example In the movie  "sankarabaranam" for the song "saamajavaragamana (MORE)