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List of songs in the movie jungle book?

Songs   "Jungle Book Overture" - (instrumental)  "Colonel Hathi's March" - Colonel Hathi and the elephants  "The Bare Necessities" - Baloo and Mowgli  "I Wan'na Be Like (MORE)

What are the list of songs from the movie Pure Country?

1. Heartland - George Strait, Bettis, John 2. Baby Your Baby - George Strait, Newman, Hal 3. I Cross My Heart - George Strait, Dorff, Steve 4. When Did You Stop Loving Me - Ge (MORE)

What is a list of songs found in the movie Australia?

"By the Boab Tree" Music by Felix Meagher, Baz Luhrmann & Angela Little Lyrics by Baz Luhrmann, Felix Meagher, Anton Monsted, Angela Little & Schuyler Weiss Performed by A (MORE)
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Are gifts given for a Bharata natyam?

After a performance, gifts can be given to the artiste, just like you to would to any performer, as you do after a ballet or any other dance recital. Flowers are the best op (MORE)

How do you get carnatic swaras for Tamil movie songs?

It lies in the talent of the music director. When a music is  composed in a particular raaga...say for example In the movie  "sankarabaranam" for the song "saamajavaragamana (MORE)

Is there a song list to the original soundtrack of the movie Christine from 1983?

These songs are in the film, not sure about the soundtrack. "Bad To The Bone" "Beast Of Burden" "Bony Moronie" "Come On, Let's Go" "Harlem Nocturne" "I Wonder Why" (MORE)