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Caller tone Tamil songs?

  You can set Tamil songs as caller tunes. But it depends on your service provider. Most of the these service providers offer Tamil caller tunes.
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What is a list of Tamil Nadu's MLAs?

Sl. No. Name of Members Constituency Name Party Name 1. S. Abdul Rahim Avadi AIADMK 2. Agri. S.S.Krishnamoorthy (Hon. Minister) Kalasapakkam AIADMK 3. Alagaapuram R. Mohan Raj (MORE)
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List of songs in the movie jungle book?

Songs   "Jungle Book Overture" - (instrumental)  "Colonel Hathi's March" - Colonel Hathi and the elephants  "The Bare Necessities" - Baloo and Mowgli  "I Wan'na Be Like (MORE)

How do you get carnatic swaras for Tamil movie songs?

It lies in the talent of the music director. When a music is  composed in a particular raaga...say for example In the movie  "sankarabaranam" for the song "saamajavaragamana (MORE)