Blessed are the dead that the rain rains on?

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What is rain?

Rain is a type of precipitation, a product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapour that is deposited on the earth's surface. It forms when separate drops of water fall to the Earth's surface from clouds. Not all rain reaches the surface; some evaporates while falling through dry air. When no (MORE)

When will it rain?

It will not rain in any substantial amounts. There are no longer clouds being formed over our oceans here on earth and nobody knows why. It has not rained anywhere on earth in a while now.

What is a rain?

Rain Is.... . rain is water that is heated until it evaporates and turns into vapour the vapour then rises and turns into clouds thes clouds get bigger and higher when the cloud gets to cold the vapour turns to water and rains down on the earth.

Why do we have rain?

We have rain because of the sun's heat evaporates the water, andthe condensation forms clouds. Then in the right conditions thetiny condensation droplets coalesce into larger raindrops too heavyto stay floating in the cloud, so they fall under gravity.

Who is Rain?

Rain is the coolest actor/singer/model/dancer in the universe!. well who ever said this is stupid, bigbang is best of all they are the best in korea!!. Rain is good but bigbang is way better.... type who is bigbang in the box than you'll know and if you don't know top who is in bigbang, type who (MORE)

How much rain does the rain forest get?

No, that's not true. To be defined as a rainforest, it needs to receive at least 70 to 140 inches of rainfall per year. That's something like ten hours of light to moderate rain (on average) every single day of the year.

How does acid rain create dead lakes?

it really is just the balance in the ecosystem; however if carbon monoxide does not balace the fruit and egetables through polination f photosynthesis. that's the basic water cycle...basicly.

What can you do about the rain?

Get some board games! Play twister or if the rain isn't too bad, play wii or gamecube, xbox, or playstation. Or just watch t.v. (If the power goes out, candles are always fun) Splash in the puddles, listen to that soothing sound of rain dancing on your rooftop while gently drifting to sleep! Read a (MORE)

Why do you get rain?

It rains because when water is absorbed into clouds, the rain dropsget too heavy and they fall to earth. Rain is good for the growthof crops.

Why does it rain?

Water evaporates (as water vapor) from the surface of the earth(sea, rivers, transpiration from plants etc.) and rises into theatmosphere (as clouds). When it condenses from its gaseous state into a liquid state andovercomes the effect of gravity and wind it falls to the earth inthe form of rain. (MORE)

How do rain makers make rain?

The only known way to make rain is by physically seeding clouds, usually with silver iodide and dry ice. Traditional rainmakers do not actually have the ability to make rain.

How does rain become acid rain?

Acid rain is made by normal rain falling down onto planet earth, but on the way down it falls through a smog. Smogs are made of all the air pollution from too much coal, oil, and gas being burned in factories. Smogs can spread FAR!! for example California gets smogs from across the pacific ocean. Wh (MORE)

What can you do when it is raining?

When it rains you can do a lot of stuff!. you colud go to your town and spend the day shopping in the HUGE inside mall,. You could don your waterproofs and go for a walk,. You could stay inside and:. Watch a film with your family,. Play board games, or something like twister,. Get into the rea (MORE)

Does it rain?

yes it does. but in certain places around the world. in hot places it rains and vise versa

Why are there a lot of dead worms after heavy rain?

there are NO WORMS after heavy rain because they need rain but when its really hot they die because the don't have water.. there are NO WORMS after heavy rain because they need rain but when its really hot they die because the don't have water.

Do you fertilize before rain or after it rains?

Before it rains, if using granular fertilizer, so that it will "melt" into the soil and become available for use by the plant roots.....IF you are using liquid fertilizer you would apply it either on the leaves, or by drenching the soil around the plant at least 24 hours before a rain occurs.

How you get rain?

Well , what happens is our sun evaporates water . The water condenses high up in the clouds . and then boom we have precipitation . There may be rain, hail, snow, or sleet . It just matters what the temperature is when the water is being condensed. . To get into more information about how we get ra (MORE)

Why did the rain rain?

Rain is part of the water cycle and occurs under many variedconditions, all of which may condense liquid water from gaseouswater vapor.

Why does it rain in rain forest?

It rains in the rain forest for two reasons. One is the same reason it rains where you live. Hot moist air hits colder air which causes the amount of moisture that the air can hold to decrease. Cold causes the molecules in the air to slow down, and when things slow down they tend to stick together m (MORE)

How does rain turn into acid rain?

Air Pollution pollution from factories, smoke stacks, cars, ect is released into the atmosphere and since clouds are part of the atmosphere, the pollution gets in there as well. when it rains, it will be acid rain because of the pollutants in the clouds

Where does acid rain rain?

There are three main regions where acid rain falls. These regions are Scandinavia (Norway and Sweden), South-East Asia (China and Japan) and North-East U.S.A/Canada.

What if it rains?

If it rains, then it rains. If it rains, things on the street will get wet and anything not protected from the rain will get soaked or wet.

Does the rain or do the rain which is correct?

Grammatically, "Does the rain" is correct. Rain may represent many individual rain drops, which is why "Do rain drops" would be correct, however rain represents it as a whole, so "Does the rain" is the appropriate form.

How did you get rain?

When water evaporates from the lakes and oceans it goes in the air and eventually forms clouds. When the clouds are full of water it rains and the cycle starts all over again from evaporating. Rain happens mostly in spring and summer do to the extreme heat.

When is rain considered acid rain?

All rain on Earth is at least slightly acidic (pH less than 7). Itis considered abnormally acidic if the pH is less than 5.7. Thelower the pH the greater the acidity and consequently the potentialfor harm increases. The presence of certain types of sulfur andnitrogen in the atmosphere mixing with ra (MORE)

How do you we get rain?

it comes from the water cycle. the sun heats up some water ( in the sea, a river ect.) and the water evaporates ( the water turns in a gas) and the gas is called water vapor. then the gas goes high in the atmosphere ( convection ) then the water vapor cools down and condenses ( gas turns into a liqu (MORE)

When will in rain?

rain all depends on the water cycle. It takes a long time to explain but look at thisif that doesn't help and you want specifics then look at this This is the best i have

What if it did not rain?

all the rivers would dry up and all the agricultural activities would stop as a result of which we wont hav any food

Why will it rain if you hang a dead black snake in a tree?

This is a North Carolina Native American superstition, thought to have possibly originated between the Cherokee and Tuscarora. It is thought to be that the snakes are descendednts of Ro-qua-ho, a vicious ancient lizard known for its blood thristry behavior, killing a snake and hanging it from a tree (MORE)

Why you have rains?

...meron tayong ulan dahil ang ating panahon ay cycle lng ang ibig sabihin wlang katapusan sa cycle.... mron tayong precipitation-ibig sabihin ung naevaporate na gling sa lupa ay ibubuhus sa pamamagitan ng tubig o ulan

Why its raining?

Because before it was raining, water evaporated into clouds. When the clouds got too big it started raining.

Rain rain go a way?

Rain Rain Go Away is a nursery rhyme for children. The lyrics are:'Rain rain go away, please come back another day'.