What are the capabilities of the computer?

Speed: With a speed reaching up to fifty million operations persecond, a computer can process data faster than any other machinedesigned to perform a similar task. That is, ad (MORE)

What are the capabilities of computer?

1. Accuracy A computer can process data quickly with 100% correctness if it is fed with right data output. 2. Self-checking A computer verifies the correctness of its work (MORE)

Capabilities of computer?

ANSWER: . - Ability to perform certain logic questions . - Ability to produce New Time Dimension . - Ability to Store and Retrieve Information . - Ability to c (MORE)

Do computers have bluetooth?

Yes, you can download things off computers with a mobile on bluetooth. Newer Laptops sometimes have bluetooth built in but most do not come standard. You can buy a usb adapte (MORE)

How can you get bluetooth on your computer?

u need to download the software, u can do this on download.com for free. Its called Bluetooth Soliel (something like this) but u also need a USB stick that u have to buy becau (MORE)