Botanical name of the Neem tree?

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The botanical name of the Neem tree is Azadirachta indica. It belongs to the family Meliaceae.
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What is the name of neem family?

  Neem trees are also known by the scientific name Azadirachta indica. They are native to Southern Asia. Neem trees are well known and have been used medicinally and for … (MORE)

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Neem tree proper noun or common noun?

Neem tree is a common noun. Proper nouns are the unique names of  people, places, or things. Common nouns are the words for general  things. If a common noun is part of a na… (MORE)

What is a botanical name?

A botanical name is a scientific name that is fixed by a particular  specimen. It conforms to the International Code of Nomenclature of  algae, fungi, and plants (ICN). It s… (MORE)