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What is a boxer dog?

a dog wit a short snout, floppy ( which can sometimes be changed), and short tails. BIG DOGS If you still dont understand go to to see some .

Why is a boxer dog named boxer?

because boxer dogs use their front paws to punch pray or strangers or mostly dogs and boxers the fighting games people punch with their hands

What are boxers dogs for?

Boxer dogs were originally bred to bite your testicals off ok boxers were not originally bred for biting testicals off they were bred for hunnting and showing who ever the p

What is the best diet for a boxer dog?

According to the "Animal Advocate" William Cusick: "The primary food sources in the Boxer's native environment were whole oat, rye, pork, and poultry. I recommend a blend o

Are boxer dogs watch dogs?

Yes, I think so, I mean they're big and scary so yeah, I think so. Dogs can be used for many purposes, but Boxers tend to make excellent watchdogs. I know this from both own

Are boxer dogs vicious?

well no, it depends if you raise it to be vicious. but they are usually really sweet dogs

Do boxer dogs jaws lock?

No dog in the world has "locking jaws" They would have to be a totally diffrent species in order to have locking jaws. If a dog doesn't want to let go, it doesn't have to, tha

Where to get boxer dogs from?

go to a breeder that specalized in that breed, or go to the shelter and look for one. there also might be something like the boxer rescue club or something like tht

Do boxer dogs get on with other dogs?

Boxers are known to get along well with small children, smaller dogs and cats. They may not get along as well with large dogs, however. The more they are socialized, preferabl

Are boxer dogs hunting dogs?

No, they were originally bred as watch dogs. Dog organisations nowclass them as 'working dogs' though most of them are now familypets. It is thought that it was originally bre