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What are the qualifications of CFD trading?

CFD is a term that means contract for difference and is not permitted in the United States but is used in European countries. Regular trading skills are required with no speci (MORE)
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Are there any cost with trading with cfd?

"Yes, there is a cost for using the leverage that CFDs enjoy. You will be charged interest daily for the margin, which is effectively the broker lending you money. This applie (MORE)
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Where can one learn about CFD Trading?

There are many websites that offer advice on CFD Trading. These include City Index, Learn CFDs and IB Times. Another website offering information is InterTrader.
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Where can one trade CFD online?

One can trade CFD online at a website called IGMarkets. There are also plenty of other sites where CFD trading is available such as CCCapital, UFXMarkets, and GCITrading.
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How is CFD related to share trading?

A CFD is a "contract for difference." It is an agreement between a buyer and a seller, which simply states that a seller will pay the difference between a current value of an (MORE)

What is CFD trading?

A CFD trading, or Contract for Difference, is an agreement betweentwo parties to exchange the difference between the opening priceand closing price of a contract. Trading opti (MORE)