CSI Miami Episode I saw an episode that a person taking pictures of CSI People The person didn't tell police what he was working for Then Jesse got took and the next day unknown people released him?

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What exactly do CSI people do?

CSI stands for crime scene investigation. So CSI people investigate what happened to people who got killed or raped or if people got hurt. Even if they killed themself. CSI stands for crime scene investigation. when a crime is committed, this is what happens at the scene to gather information.

Csi episode a la cart soundtrack?

Answer . The last song in the episode is titled "Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)," by Placeby (from their 2006 album "Meds").

How many hours a day does a CSI have to work?

To start with, try to remember that the people on TV are actors, reading lines on a script,and getting paid far more than any CSI, that works for a government agency. Like any government employee, you are given a salary that someone decided is enough for the amount of work you do and the amount of e (MORE)

In CSI Miami why was Frank in uniform for some episodes?

\nI believe Frank was wearing a uniform because he had just passed his seargents exam and for a stint had to be on duty in uniform (problies to show his stripes off) He's now back in hi suit working homicide again. Hope this helps.

Where does a CSI person work?

Wherever their agency/employer assigns them. Some work the street operating an evidence recovery unit, others work in laboratories and offices. Often these assignments are inter-changeable. Some local (depending upon their size and budget), and all state and federal law enforcement agencies maintain (MORE)

Who dies in final episode of csi ny?

Detective Angell dies in the first ten minutes of the season 5 finale, but at the end of season 5 it ends with all of the members having a drink at the bar in memory of Detective Angell and a car drives by and shoots up the place all members go to the ground but it doesnt show you who got hurt...

Is Eric going to be on anymore csi Miami episodes?

Adam Rodriguez will be featured in about 10 episodes throughout season 8, fazing out his character of Eric Delko and wrapping up all of the lose ends between him and Calleigh (Emily Procter) and others.

Was Taylor Swift in a CSI episode?

Yes, Taylor Swift was in CSI: Las Vegas. The show aired on March 5th, 2009. She played her role as a teenager living in a run-down Las Vegas motel, seeing crimes right and left, and being humiliated, Until Swift becomes the victim.

On CSI did Grissom and Sara get married and in what episode?

Grissom and Sara did indeed get married but their wedding was not shown on the show. Grissom originally proposed to Sara in season eight episode four titled "The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp". When Grissom proposed to Sara she quickly said yes, but there was no ring or getting down on one knee. I (MORE)

What is CSI Miami about?

CSI:Miami is about a team of CSI's who are lead by Horatio Caine(played by David Caroso, with his sunglasses and one-liners) while they investigate various crimes in Miami, Florida. There has been romance between Calleigh Duquense(Emily Procter) and Eric Delko(Adam Rodriguez) since season one and fi (MORE)

Did Scott Baio appear in any CSI episodes?

If you are referring to the episode "Under The Influence", the person who looks like Scott Baio is Jonathan Togo. He looked a lot like Scott Baio when her first started the series.

Why did the character Jesse leave CSI Miami?

He was killed in the episode We all fall down. This one person put gas that makes it hard to breath in the lab and everyone was there but Eric Delko and H Cane. Everyone was revived but Jesse because he was too close to the air vent which is where the gas came in. That's what happend in the episode (MORE)

What are the csi crossover episodes?

CSI: Vegas (s2 ep22) and Pilot of CSI: Miami CSI: Miami (s2 ep23 and Pilot of CSI:NY CSI: Miami Part 1 (s4 ep7) CSI:NY Part 2 (s2 ep7) All Three (Part 1 Miami s8 ep7), Part 2 NY(s6 ep7), Part 3 Vegas(s10 ep7) CSI: NY and Cold Case (s3 ep22) Part 1 CSI: Vegas (s8 ep6) Part 2 Withou (MORE)