Can Blu-ray play an .avi file?

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Can a DVD player play avi files?

most DVD players often plays DVD formats. But if the DVD player is supported by avi file reader then it could probably play

Can you play AVI files on the Nintendo DS?

Now there is a new product name iPlayer can play AVI directly on the Nintendo DS without converting. It's the first hardware decode Video Player for the Nintendo DS. Not only

Can a DVD player play an AVI file?

I'm afraid it can't. You may need a burning software to burn the avi file to DVD first, then you could play it on a DVD player. There is an expection though that some DVD play

Can iTunes play avi files?

iTunes cannot natively play avi files, we had better convert avi toitunes more compatible mp4 or mov format the following is a step by step guide on how to convert and import

What plays avi files?

AVI video files are the most popular video files out there. Any video player will play these including windows media player, VLC media player, PowerDVD, winamp etc.

How can you play avi files on your PC help?

.AVI or Audio Video Interleave is a video format designed by Microsoft and should be widely accepted in any version of windows media player, otherwise any free .avi player onl

How do you play .avi files in Nokia E72?

Download "Any Video Converter" and convert your videos to MP4. You can then play the videos in the default player in Nokia E72. OR Download and install "Smart Movie Player"

How do you play avi files in windows mobiles?

You have to sync the avi with your Windows Phone Zune software on your computer and it should play. If it doesn't play correctly try a video conversion software such as Freema