Swollen knuckle on ring finger with pain that radiates off and on the entire finger what could this be. I have not had any trauma but lifted something very heavy?

Swollen knuckles are symptoms of nerve pain and osteoarthritis and here in canada doctors are to slow or just too dumb not to recognize it...you wonder why our health system i (MORE)
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If you inserting your two fingers inside your vagina without having any pain and blood will you be still virgin and will your vagina bleed after having sex?

The strictest answer is that you will still be a virgin until your hymen has been ruptured. This is also known as the maidenhead. It is a piece of skin in the vagina the is us (MORE)

How do you hammer a screw without hitting your finger all the time?

You don't hammer screws. You hammer nails. The trick is to hold the nail just below the top. Then start tapping very gently. After a few taps the nail will stand up on its own (MORE)

What does a ring on right little finger mean?

Old man falls down. Who can help them? this emergency alarm devicewill help when these Old man falls down, when the man hasEmergency, just push down button of this device, eme (MORE)
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Is it normal to be missing a knuckle on your ring finger?

Well . . . I'm missing a knuckle on my ring finger, it functions normally. My ring finger is shorter than my index finger and it's shorter Than the ring finger on my right han (MORE)
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Do your fingers have knuckles?

No. They don't. your knuckles are where they should be... farther down your fingers... those are your only knuckles.