Can a 5 year old with special needs be subjected to a Lincoln Hearing And could the child's education advocate accommodate or be with the child during the hearing?

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How do we hear?

We hear by molucles bumping into each other which creates sound waves from vibration, which then travels into our ears...its all complicated after that :P xx

What does it mean if you can hear your child's heart pounding?

i would think nothing. it might mean that they have been excersizing. if the child is to young to exercise then lay it doen and let him relax. leave him alone for 5 minutes unless he starts to cry go in there. if you can still hear it then don't do much that night. if it doe not get better than i wo (MORE)

What is hearing?

\nYour eardrums take fluctuations of the air pressure on your ears and converts them to electrical pulses, which are sent to the brain. The brain then interprets the electrical signals as different sounds.

What is the average size of a 5 year old child's hand?

the the size of a child's hand is 17foot wide. Foolish answer. From L.L. Bean: (Gloves and Mittens)Measure hand length from wrist to middle fingertip. Measure both hands. Use the longest measurement to determine size. "Sizing for: Cold Buster Waterproof Mittens Hand Sizing (in inches) Size XX-Small (MORE)

Could you loose hearing from a T.I.A.?

ANSWER: . Yes. A TIA or a mini stroke can affect any part of the body, including hearing. It depends upon the severity of the TIA as to whether the hearing will return to normal.

Would you provide Hearing aids for moderate hearing loss in a 22 month old child?

Absolutely! A child with even a mild hearing loss must have hearing aids in order to develop optimally. Children learn language through hearing and without hearing aids you are making it very difficult for the child to learn to speak and understand. This is such a concern to public health and educat (MORE)

What is the hearing?

hearing is something you have a ear drum in your ear witch every time you hear something

Hearing loss in a 1 year old?

Common. Very common most children are born deaf due to genetics or birth defects children become deaf often if they have had a bad sickness such as chicken pox, Ammonia, Flu. Hearing loss is often Common in children in the second decade.

How far could dogs hear?

Dogs infact, hear the same distance as humans do. They cannot hear miles and miles away though.

How does child abuse effect a child's education?

The children get so nervous about someone finding out or that someone else is going to beat them that they can't think straight. An abused child is a confused little person trying to find his/her identity. Feels guilty and angry, and a confused emotional mixture of sadness and lost will always lea (MORE)

Did you hear about.?

I know what is #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,14,and 15 is only. 1 is the, 2 is girl, 3 is and,4 is guy, 5 is who, 6 is met, 7 is friends, 9 is revolving, 10 is door, and 11 is and. Sorry but I don't know the rest.

What is the normal hear rate of a 7 year old girl?

, Doctor speaking, the normal heart rate of a resting 7 year old girl is anywhere between 15 and 30 bpm. now givin if she has been physicly active her heart rate will rise, but normally it should be anywhere between 15 and 30 bpm. the only other thing that could rase a heart rate in a child would b (MORE)

Why doesn't our child speak at four years old as there are no hearing problems chromosomes and MRI normal but still no diagnosis?

There are many possible reasons! What type and on what region of the body was MRI was performed? Have they looked for physical reasons that the child cannot speak such as abnormalties in tongue attachment or just brain function? Did they look at how the brains henispheres were connected and the acti (MORE)

Where can a 12-year-old special-needs child find a penpal?

are you a boy or girl? i have lil brothers and sisters my brothers a little older and my sisters are a little younger but if you give me your info i will pass it on to them There's a good article about pen pals and children with special needs at the Great Schools link below. It has lots of suggest (MORE)

What could you hear during a solar eclipse?

Nothing Another opinion, (from one who has been there and done that): If you're in a place where the eclipse is partial, you hear nothing unusual, and if you didn't know that a solar eclipse was in progress, there would be nothing weird to draw your attention to it. But if you're in th (MORE)

How can I determine why my 12 year old black lab has seemingly lost a lot of her hearing all of a sudden is that common with old age or could it be something else?

I would suggest taking your dog to your veterinarian. It is possible that your Lab has been losing his hearing for quite some time but you just recently noticed it - dogs can have hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises (such as hanging their heads out the window while riding in a car). It could (MORE)

Could you hear the big bang?

No, you would never be able to hear the Big Bang if you was present as it happened because: there is no air, sound requires air to travel through in a wave.

Could king Midas hear?

Of course he could, though for a time, because he offended Apollo, wore a pair of donkey's ears.

What dB hearing needs a hearing aid?

Various dB losses require a hearing aid. The question isn't so much what decibel loss requires a hearing aid, but at what point does your hearing interfere with your life enough that a hearing aid would prove beneficial. Because people are different, hearing aid manufacturers intentionally design an (MORE)

How could you see a meteor but not hear?

It is just a small piece of ice, dust or rock burning up in the skyas it enters Earth's atmosphere. They are high in the sky and somake little or no noise as they burn, so we do not hear anything.They burn extremely fast, lasting a fraction of a second sometimes,so it all happens very quickly.

What if the father finds out he is no the child's father but wants to be the child is 5 years old?

If the father has already been established as the legal parent, either by appearing on the birth certificate or other legitimization as outlined by prevailing jurisdictional law, he is presumed to be the father unless proven otherwise. If no one contests his parentage and with the mother and biologi (MORE)

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