Can a 5 year old with special needs be subjected to a Lincoln Hearing And could the child's education advocate accommodate or be with the child during the hearing?

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How do we hear?

We hear by molucles bumping into each other which creates sound waves from vibration, which then travels into our ears...its all complicated after that :P xx

How old does a special education student need to be to get married in MI?

Many special ed students are perfectly able to function in society. So age 18 -- without parental permission -- just like regular students.

What is the frequency range of hearing for an eleven year old?

The range of human hearing includes frequencies from about 15 to about 18,000 cycles per second. This varies from one individual to another, especially at the higher frequencies. High frequencies usually become less audible with age.

What does it mean if you can hear your child's heart pounding?

i would think nothing. it might mean that they have been excersizing. if the child is to young to exercise then lay it doen and let him relax. leave him alone for 5 minutes unless he starts to cry go in there. if you can still hear it then don't do much that night. if it doe not get better than i would suggest calling your pediatrician.

Could a 13 year old child become a spy if they were needed?

i think that they could. if they were trained and willing to comply with certain guide lines i think it could work in the agencies favour. no one would ever expect a child

What is hearing?

\nYour eardrums take fluctuations of the air pressure on your ears and converts them to electrical pulses, which are sent to the brain. The brain then interprets the electrical signals as different sounds.

Does a 17 year old need a parent at a court hearing?

Yes, a 17 year old will need a parent present at a court hearing.If the 17 year old has an attorney they may be able to be there inplace of the parents.

What is the average size of a 5 year old child's hand?

the the size of a child's hand is 17foot wide. Foolish answer. From L.L. Bean: (Gloves and Mittens)Measure hand length from wrist to middle fingertip. Measure both hands. Use the longest measurement to determine size. "Sizing for: Cold Buster Waterproof Mittens Hand Sizing (in inches) Size XX-Small X-Small Small Medium LargeFits hand measuring 4 4½ 5 6 7" Hope this helps and hope the format remains.

Could you loose hearing from a T.I.A.?

ANSWER: . Yes. A TIA or a mini stroke can affect any part of the body, including hearing. It depends upon the severity of the TIA as to whether the hearing will return to normal.

If you were on the others side of Oahu during the Pearl Harbor attacks could you still hear it?

Very likely; sound travels well over water, and vibrations travel underground. It would have felt like earth quake tremor's and sounded like lightning/thunder taking place on the other side of the island.

Would you provide Hearing aids for moderate hearing loss in a 22 month old child?

Absolutely! A child with even a mild hearing loss must have hearing aids in order to develop optimally. Children learn language through hearing and without hearing aids you are making it very difficult for the child to learn to speak and understand. This is such a concern to public health and educators that most countries in the world have implemented infant hearing screening progrmas at considerable cost. The benefits are so big that they justify the cost. By diagnosing hearing loss early and intervening (eg. fitting hearing aids) early you can significantly improve a child's outcomes.. What many people also fail to realize is that we also learn a lot of other information from our families and others around us by overhearing how, for example, our parents talk and handle other situations (such as social situations). So hearing loss also impact social and emotional development.. I equate sending a child with hearing loss out into the world without hearing aids to sending a normal functioning child out into the world with their hands tied behind their back. They can do it but you are making their lives incredibly difficult.. Good luck

What is the hearing?

hearing is something you have a ear drum in your ear witch every time you hear something

Hearing loss in a 1 year old?

Common. Very common most children are born deaf due to genetics or birth defects children become deaf often if they have had a bad sickness such as chicken pox, Ammonia, Flu. Hearing loss is often Common in children in the second decade.

How far could dogs hear?

Dogs infact, hear the same distance as humans do. They cannot hear miles and miles away though.

Did you hear about.?

I know what is #1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,14,and 15 is only. 1 is the, 2 is girl, 3 is and,4 is guy, 5 is who, 6 is met, 7 is friends, 9 is revolving, 10 is door, and 11 is and. Sorry but I don't know the rest.

What is the normal hear rate of a 7 year old girl?

, Doctor speaking, the normal heart rate of a resting 7 year old girl is anywhere between 15 and 30 bpm. now givin if she has been physicly active her heart rate will rise, but normally it should be anywhere between 15 and 30 bpm. the only other thing that could rase a heart rate in a child would be sickness IE: fighting off infection or a fever, possibly the flu. hope this helps, cheers for now!. Regards, Ricky_Tick

What is a special set hearing?

A hearing that requires more than 10 minutes to argue, usually up to an hour.

Can a 17 year old be accompanied to a disciplinary hearing?

Not enough information is given. Disciplinary hearing for WHAT? WHO is the hearing held by?

If you can hear the power window motor on a 1995 Lincoln town car but the window wont come up what could the problem be other than needing a new motor?

The window motor drives a cable witch is routed around a couple of pulleys. The cable may have come off of one of the pulleys or the cable may have broken. The repair is very involved and should not be tried by anyone not familiar with window regulators.

How do you explain to a 5 year old child about plants need soil?

Hi. Tell them that soil for plants is like food for humans. It is how I was told and now I'm our school's Minister For Environment. Hope I could help and good luck. :)

Why doesn't our child speak at four years old as there are no hearing problems chromosomes and MRI normal but still no diagnosis?

There are many possible reasons! What type and on what region of the body was MRI was performed? Have they looked for physical reasons that the child cannot speak such as abnormalties in tongue attachment or just brain function? Did they look at how the brains henispheres were connected and the activity in the language centres? From a home prespective does the child communicate with you? Has the child trained you to respond to their gestures, such as patting the sofa to get you to sit down next to them? "Saying" Ah ah ah when they want food? Many parents can tell the difference between a tired cry and a hungry or fustrated dry from their small babies, so you need to tell the diffence between crys and attempted speech. Have the gestures become more sophisticated as the child has grown older? If they are communicating with you perhaps it is worth trying Makaton or sign language to enable your child to communicate on some level. Is the child's development normal in other respects? Do they walk, run and have they started to play with others rather than near/next to others? Four year olds should be starting to play with people rather than near them.

Where can a 12-year-old special-needs child find a penpal?

are you a boy or girl? i have lil brothers and sisters my brothers a little older and my sisters are a little younger but if you give me your info i will pass it on to them There's a good article about pen pals and children with special needs at the Great Schools link below. It has lots of suggestions that may be helpful. There's a site which has a section "Make friends around the world. Find a key pal." The link is below.

In the state of Ohio if your child's father is a minor does one of his parents need to be at the child support hearing?

Not even a young adult father is fully prepared for dealing with these issues, so yes, in all states. see links

What do 13 year old girlfried ns want to hear?

They want to hear that they are wanted, they want to full necessary. Presents help... :)

Does a 40 year old or a 10 year old have better hearing?

A 10 year old will have better hearing. Your hearing will deteriate slowly with age, so a 1 year old has better hearing than a two year old, so on.

What were some shows you could hear on old-time radio?

The Lone Ranger The Shadow Knows Dragnet Gunsmoke War of the Worlds ( one time show) Amos and Andy Marx Brothers I Love Lucy Yes, many of the early TV came from radio

What do you do if your child can hear when you are having an intercorse?

be more quiet when having sex, or have them go out with a friend or watch a movie

In Florida state will judge grant child support to a mother of a child already 18 yrs old and enrolled in GED during a divorce hearing?

It's possible. For example, the court may order support to allow the child to attend college. Also, support obligations for disabled children often continue into adulthood.

When you hear yourself sing i think you are awesome but then when i play the recording back you sound like a five year old how can you get people to hear what you hear when I'm a 16yr old girl?

The recording is the real you. When we sing to ourselves, a couple of things happen. First, your voice sounds more resonant because you hear yourself largely through your bones. Second, as you sing, your brain is busy thinking of the singing of someone you are trying to copy, and less busy truly listening to your own singing. Third, you may not be a trained singers and so are not aware of the techniques of good singing. You know what you like to listen to, but may not be aware of how the artist produced his/her songs. Therefore, you don't realize the real quality of your singing until you hear the recording.

Could a warrant be issued for missing a child support court hearing?

Yes. If it is court ordered, a bench warrant or contempt of court could be issued.

When a child with special needs is included in a preschool class it is best to focus on that child's disability?

No you should think of him as a normal student because every man is equal

Did you hear about...?

The unhappy guy who tried to kiss his girl friend in the fog and lost

What year was 'Do You Hear What I Hear' written?

Do You Hear What I Hear was written in October 1962 as a plea for peace amid the Cuban Missile Crisis. Please see the related link for more information:

What is a review hearing on child support?

The judge needs to review visitation and parental income to decide if a change in CS should be made.

What is special about bat's hearing?

Well. what is so special about a bat's hearing is that is very amazing. Bats can almost here everything. I hope this answer helped! ^-^

What could you hear during a solar eclipse?

Nothing Another opinion, (from one who has been there and done that): If you're in a place where the eclipse is partial, you hear nothing unusual, and if you didn't know that a solar eclipse was in progress, there would be nothing weird to draw your attention to it. But if you're in the path of totality or very near it, then you may hear nearby and unusual winds that begin and end abruptly,as well as the sounds of birds going through their evening settling-down rituals, then a heavy silence, and then, just a few minutes later, their morning wake-up songs.

How can I determine why my 12 year old black lab has seemingly lost a lot of her hearing all of a sudden is that common with old age or could it be something else?

I would suggest taking your dog to your veterinarian. It is possible that your Lab has been losing his hearing for quite some time but you just recently noticed it - dogs can have hearing loss due to exposure to loud noises (such as hanging their heads out the window while riding in a car). It could also be due to chronic ear infections. The less common, but more serious, reasons would include cancer in the ear canal or the skull, a congenital defect that is just now manifesting or a foreign body trapped in the ear canal.

Could you hear the big bang?

No, you would never be able to hear the Big Bang if you was present as it happened because: there is no air, sound requires air to travel through in a wave.

What could you hear in a medieval castle?

The stone walls whispering secrets of its ancient past. The trickling of water dripping in the cellar. The conversation of past rulers.

Could king Midas hear?

Of course he could, though for a time, because he offended Apollo, wore a pair of donkey's ears.

What dB hearing needs a hearing aid?

Various dB losses require a hearing aid. The question isn't so much what decibel loss requires a hearing aid, but at what point does your hearing interfere with your life enough that a hearing aid would prove beneficial. Because people are different, hearing aid manufacturers intentionally design an array of hearing aids suited to mild (least-affected grade of hearing loss) loss to severe. Additionally, different models of hearing aids may effect when you might wish to purchase a hearing aid. For example, original hearing aids were analog, so they were made with a specific hearing loss in mind. If your hearing changed past a reasonable range covered by your hearing aid, it might have been necessary to purchase a new one. Now, analog programmable hearing aids are adjustable, and can be programmed by an audiologist to suit your fluctuating hearing loss. Finally, and most expensively (also: what I wear) are digital programmable hearing aids. My audiologist is able to test my aided and un-aided hearing, compare it to my hearing aid programs (plugged into the computer) and change my hearing aid levels very quickly. As someone with a permanent progressive loss, this type of hearing aid is helpful because my hearing aid adjusts as my hearing does. In general, it is advisable to get a hearing aid if you have trouble hearing, if your hearing loss is affecting your relationships with others, if your safety is affected while driving, working, or at home, or if you are unable to adjust to a more physical form of communication (cued speech, American/British Sign Language, SEE, Simultaneous Communication, lip-reading, etc.). As far as hearing levels go, a minimum loss is 26-45 decibels, and your purchase of a hearing aid truly depends on the above questions as to whether or not it will be beneficial. If you believe you have a hearing loss, please consult an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist to rule out any other possibilities besides a permanent hearing loss. After that, take their advice regarding seeking out an audiology specialist to assist you in choosing which particular device would be most beneficial to you!

How could you see a meteor but not hear?

It is just a small piece of ice, dust or rock burning up in the skyas it enters Earth's atmosphere. They are high in the sky and somake little or no noise as they burn, so we do not hear anything.They burn extremely fast, lasting a fraction of a second sometimes,so it all happens very quickly.

What accommodations do special needs students require?

Special needs students require individualized accommodations, modifications or adaptationsæbased on what thieræspecial needsæor disabilities may be at the time.

What if the father finds out he is no the child's father but wants to be the child is 5 years old?

If the father has already been established as the legal parent, either by appearing on the birth certificate or other legitimization as outlined by prevailing jurisdictional law, he is presumed to be the father unless proven otherwise. If no one contests his parentage and with the mother and biological father's consent if he can be located, the man may institute a legal adoption to secure his rights to the child.

Do dolphins need special vision hearing claws etc to catch they prey successfully?

No, they produce sound waves from their melon (a fatty egg-shaped organ inside their forehead) and the echo comes back and tells them about the prey so they know what to do. This technique is called echo location

How can a child with special needs find help in education?

A child with special need can find help with their education be hiring a "Learning Assistant". Other methods can include attending a "Special Needs" school.

How do you file a special education due process hearing in ga?

You can file a special education Due Process Hearing in Georgia byinforming the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) and the otherparty.

How can an educator accommodate a learner with sorrow need?

An educator can be sympathetic but the student may require atherapist if the sorrow is severe.

What could you hear in Victorian London?

Mainly the sound of horse's hooves, and the wheels of horse drawnvehicles, clattering over the stone setts surfacing the busy Londonstreets.

Did you hear?

The Hiker Who Realized That He Needed Glasses One Day When He Tried To Kill A Stick With A Snake