Can a apt building owner live in a different rent stable apt he does not own pretty much someone owns a rent stable apt building but lives in a different building he does not own and its rent stable?

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What is rent to own?

Answer . "Rent to own" is when you rent an condo/house, and they give you the option to buy it after you rent it for the term of the lease. They will usually give you like

How can you rent to own?

This is usually set up long before one takes occupancy of a place or takes possession of a car. If it is so, then most (if not all) you pay in rent every month may apply to th

If a not-for-profit organization leaves a storage building on private property in KY for 8 years without paying any rent who owns the building--the organization or the property owner?

It probably does NOT matter whether the building is from a non-profit organization or not. The main issues seem to be: A) WHether or not you notified the landowner that you

If someone leaves a storage building on private property for 8 years pays no rent and then decides they want to move the building who owns it--the property owner or the building owner?

Good question. It sounds like something a law professor might ask on an exam.. Who really owns the building now?. How did the building get there in the first place?. If the

You rented an apt in nyc lived there for 15 yrs moved and kept office in apt landlord did not renew your lease can you get the rent you paid back while i operated an office?

you may want to talk to your landlord about that. give him/her 5 days and then press federral charges against this person.. thnx.. you may want to talk

Can you build your own Stable?

Yes you can if you have a large enough building you have to go in and get a permit ect. but yes you can make your own stable.

How to divide the rent with three people in 2 bedroom apt?

Answer . This is entirely up to the tenants, though it would be usual for the person who has a room to him/herself to pay slightly more because of privacy. Of course, if t
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How much do renting stables cost a month?

Renting a horse stable usually on average cost around $200 dollars ,if not more.Depends on the barn stables and the features and qualities that come with it.