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How do you get pneumonia?

Some people get Pneumonia when they have just gotten over a cold. It sometimes starts off as a cold/flu and gets worse . Here's a site that may help: in the related source link below. Also, temperature has nothing to do with it . People with asthma, COPD, smokers are more likely to get pneumonia. Pregnant women are also more susceptible to pneumonia. Also having the flu, plus getting a bacteria such as Klebsiella can cause pneumonia. Generally, those with weakened immune systems such as the elderly, the very young, and those on certain medications are susceptible. THE SYMPTOMS that you get when you have pneumonia includes: Cough, often producing mucus (sputum) from the lungs. Mucus may be rusty or green or tinged with blood. . Fever, which may be less common in older adults. . Shaking, "teeth-chattering" chills (one time only or many times). . Fast, often shallow, breathing and the feeling of being short of breath. . Chest wall pain that is often made worse by coughing or breathing in. . Fast heartbeat. . Feeling very tired (fatigue) or feeling very weak (malaise). . Nausea and vomiting. . Diarrhea. You can also get pneumonia from aspirating, or sucking substances in the lungs (choking on food or drink). Pneumonia is caused from the accumulation fluid in the lungs. Bacteria, viruses and yeasts can cause this, a can anything that triggers an inflammatory response. Sputum can also be clear, yellow or white. This is what happens in your lungs : Your Alveoli get filled with fluid which makes it harder to breath or you remain quite breathless. its treated by antibiotics which is given by the hospital. if you get any symptoms, contact your GP immediately or it can impact and cause death if left for a while. If you neglect pneumonia you can die and it is very serious! Pneumonia can be caused by breathing in toxic smoke off fires, it can be caused by bacteria which can build up in your throat, sometimes you can start off with tonsillitis or a chest infection which can also turn into pneumonia. The best thing to do is contact your doctor and stay in bed relaxed. Te easier way if you are struggling in your breathing is to take and inhaler 10 puffs, 4 times a day. But that is the hospital's decision. Thank you for reading and if you think you have pneumonia i hope you get better soon!

What is a good way to catch a chicken and her babies to pen them up?

One view Use a large object (blanket, piece of plywood) and "herd" them into a corner. Then slowly and calmly remove them to where you want them. This is usually a 2 or 3 person job. Another view If a hen is not tame, it is important to not influence the chicks view of people. If they see their mother freaking out, they will, too. The best thing to do is wait till she is settled at night, and use a box so that you can transport then simultaneously. Reach under her and one by one put her chicks in the box. Make sure she can see them if she doesn't trust you with her babies. Put her in last and move them into the pen. Another view You could wait till nightfall and they will go in by themselves or if it's during the day, get some chicken feed and try coaxing them in. Another view From now on, you could build a pen where the hen can be kept in, make it easily movable. Light weight something you can move yet the wing cant blow over. Allow the chicks to roam away from momma, but if they get scared they will go back to her. The pen then can be moved daily to new grass so they can still be free raning on new land. Helps fertilize the yard as well.

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\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \npeanut butter on a mousetrap works for me\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nI caught the one in my house with little chunks of cheese and a cage (humane way.) You can rent these cages from pest control and it's not all that expensive. You didn't say if it was a pet, but whether it is or not you don't want to kill it if you don't have too. If it's a mouse from somewhere in the house (they often nests in nooks and crannies of a house) then you'll simply have to put it outside (if not a pet) near trees and shrubs where it can forage for itself if possible. Mother Nature is going to have to do the rest.

What is pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a type of lung infection, caused by a virus orbacteria. Symptoms may be difficult breathing with pain that runsthrough the chest on inhalation, cough, headache and fever. It ischaracterized by the collection of fluid in the lung tissues. The most common signs and symptoms of pneumonia; malaise anddecreased appetite, fever, cough (productive or non productive),difficulty breathing, chest pain (sharp and localized, worsens whenyou inhale deeply or are coughing) and excessive sweating. If youare having any of these signs or symptoms you should consult adoctor. To treat pneumonia: . Make a doctor's appointment. Pneumonia is different from theflu or common cold. You can treat these illnesses withover-the-counter medications. Because pneumonia involvesinflammation of the lungs, you'll need an antibiotic to cure theinfection and stop the inflammation. . Drink plenty of water. If you're dealing with a fever, drinkingplenty of fluids, especially water can lower your body temperature.Additionally, water and orange juice can boost the immune systemand speed recovery. . Take pain medication. Antibiotics can effectively treat theinfection. However, they don't treat pain and fever associated withpneumonia. To stop body aches you'll need to take aspirin oribuprofen. . Get plenty of rest. Some people continue with their normaldaily routine while recovering from pneumonia. This can slow thehealing process; and in some instances, make symptoms worse. Ifpossible, take a few days off. Rest gives your body the opportunityto heal. . To relieve congestion, apply a warm compress to the chest.Thick mucus can cause breathing problems, and excessive mucus canbring on an asthma attack. A warm compress helps loosen thickmucus. In turn, coughing brings up the mucus. If this doesn't work,your doctor can recommend an expectorant to help loosen themucus.

How do you catch pneumonia?

When you have a cold, mucus may build up in your lungs and damage the tiny hairs that clean your lungs. This clogs up your lungs and is called pneumonia. In other words you just get a cold and it simply settles into your lungs.

How can you get pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs caused by a bacteria, virus,or more rarely, a fungus. A person contracts pneumonia by beingexposed to the pathogen.

How do you catch walking pneumonia?

Answer . Walking pneumonia is a lay-man term for an infection of the lungs. The infection may be caused by a bacteria or virus. One catches 'walking pneumonia' by exposing oneself to the secretions (saliva) of a sick human.. Answer . just like a cold

Can a pneumonia shot cause pneumonia?

No it can't, because a shot contains a changed form of the virus/bacteria but still similar so your immune system can create the antibodies to kill the pneumonia virus/bacteria if you come in to contact with it again so you wont get ill from it. The shot may make you feel ill for a few days but it is not strong enough to give you the actual disease. The only way you could get it if the virus/bacteria hadn't been change properly (that wouldn't happen, so just ignore that i said that) or if you had been in contact with a serious disease/illness within the last 6 weeks, and they ask you that before they give it to you so in that case you will not be given the shot until 6 weeks.

Can you catch aids through teething babies?

Unless the baby has AIDs and some bodily fluid of theirs is in contact with yours (like if a needle isn't properlyy cleaned and you shere it with the baby). But if the baby bit you then that doesn't mean you have AIDs.

Can you catch pneumonia from another person?

This is entirely dependent on the cause of a person's pneumonia. If they have pneumonia caused by a virus or an infectious bacteria (such as the bacteria responsible for pneumonic plague), then those pathogens can be transmitted via respiratory droplets produced by the diseased person. If their pneumonia is not caused by an infectious pathogen (e.g., aspiration pneumonia), then you cannot catch it from them.

Who can get pneumonia?

According to Wikipedia, anyone can get Pneumonia: Pneumonia is common occurring in all age groups, and is a leading cause of death among the young, the old, and the chronically ill . [3] Vaccines to prevent certain types of pneumonia are available. The prognosis depends on the type of pneumonia, the treatment, any complications, and the person's underlying health. .

How old could a baby be to catch chickenpox?

Any baby can get chickenpox, although protective antibodies from the baby's mother lower the risk in the youngest babies.

Where can you get pneumonia?

You can get pneumonia anywhere. It starts off as a respiratoryinfection caused by a virus or bacteria, but if it worsens, it canresult in pneumoia.

Are cats ment to catch baby rabbits?

Cats are predators. They are meant to catch anything that they identify as prey, a category that includes most rodents.

Can you catch pneumonia by being wet or cold?

No. Pneumonia is an infection and/or inflammation of the lungs. Being cold or wet doesn't make you sick with infectious diseases. Being infected by a bacteria or virus (or other infectious pathogen) that your immune system is unable to fight off is the cause of not only pneumonia, but virtually every communicable disease. It is the transmission of this infectious agent that causes the illness, not the conditions in which the infection is contracted. To say that cold and/or damp conditions cause pneumonia is like saying sleeping in a bed makes a woman pregnant simply because that's where lots of women get pregnant. The correlation between the two is purely coincidental.

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Depending on size a small holed net may be used. such as the kind used for brine shrimp. Also a short rubber hose could be used to safely siphon out the fish.

How do you catch a baby fox?

You can catch a baby fox by baiting a live animal trap. You can putfruits or vegetables in the trap as they are omnivores.

How do you catch a baby mouse?

I really would not suggest trying to "catch" a baby mouse. It would be bad for them, because they might not be ready to leave their mothers mentally and physically. Also, it would be bad for because it will not trust since you caught it. However, you can get baby mice from a pet store, or more preferably, a mice breeder and rescue. Hope this helps!

Why was pneumonia named pneumonia?

Pneumonia refers to inflammation of the lungs. "Pneumon" in Latin means lungs. The suffix "-ia" means pathological condition. In common English, pneumonia can be translated as "a pathological condition of the lungs." A more technically correct term would be pneumonitis, because the suffix "-itis" means inflammation, but for some unknown reason it has long been called pneumonia.

Can a dog catch pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs. Dogs can and do contract pneumonia and it is a very serious condition. Dogs in general have difficulty in fighting off pneumonia and may die or sustain permanent lung damage. They may develop pneumonia as a result of a simple viral infection, that is, a cold, and many veterinarians prefer to treat colds with antibiotics, knowing that they will not affect the course of the primary infection but may prevent pneumonia resulting from a secondary bacterial infection.

Can your baby dwarf hamsters catch pneumonia from your guinea pig?

If they ever come into contact (which they never should) or if you handle the guinea pig, followed by the hamster without washing your hands thoroughly, yes.

How do bush babies catch their prey?

Bush babies (also known as galagos) catch their prey by sneaking up on it and grabbing it with their hands.

Can you catch Swine Flu from a baby?

The baby would be more likely to get it from you, especially if they are under six months old, since they can not take vaccines for influenza until after that age. But the answer is yes, they can get the flu as babies and if they have it, they can give it to others. In fact, since their immune systems are immature, they may be able to spread the virus to others for a period longer than older children and adults can. They are also more susceptible to severe complications of influenza with immature immune systems and lungs. It is recommended that anyone caring for babies under the age of six months get vaccinations so they can not get and spread the virus to the baby and check with your pediatrician about when it is safe to take the baby out into the community.

What to do about Pneumonia?

Go to a doctor, ASAP, and get a antibiotic, rest etc. etc. it is VERY deadly

Where can you get pneumonia from?

Pneumonia is mostly contracted by breathing in small air particles that have microorganisms harmful to the respiratory system. When someone sneezes or coughs, germs contained in these particles enter the surrounding atmosphere and is made readily available for someone else to breath in another way to get pneumonia is if you are out in the cold weather without any warmth.

What happens if you catch pneumonia and you have lukemia?

A friend of mine her daughter was just diagnosed with leukemia friday. She is 6 years old. And has already started Chemo. Now she has Pneumonia. Could this worsen the Leukemia, and be fatal?

Is it possible for a human to catch pneumonia from a cat?

no actually it is not because you cant catch a sickness like that from any animal. so just stay safe and live a happy life!

Can you catch pneumonia by being with one that has pneumonia?

Yes, if the type of pneumonia the person has is caused by bacteria or viruses. Just like any other communicable disease, it will spread from person to person. Some forms of pneumonia are not due to infectious organisms and they are not communicable. Use good hand washing and prevention techniques to avoid catching it from someone infected. There are vaccinations you can get for some types of pneumonia that work like a flu shot to keep you immune from the organism that causes the infectious pneumonia.

Difference in walking pneumonia and pneumonia?

i myself have had walking pneumonia and it is the same infection but with walking pneumonia you don't really feel all that ill. you caould just feel as though you have a cold and you can be walking around and carrying on as normal without knowing you had it. this doesn't mke it any less serious though.

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Do baby dinosaurs catch a cold?

Of course. "I want you to stay in the nest," their mom or dad will say. Baby dinosaurs must feel better.

Can you catch HIV from an infected baby?

You can't from casual contact from the baby. If exposed to the blood, then it is possible.

Can you catch pneumonia from going outside while sweaty?

No. Pneumonia is a dysfunction of the lungs and is most commonly caused by infection, going outside while sweaty will not damage your lungs in this way.

Can adults catch colds from babies?

"There are three times in your life when you get sick a lot. When you are a child, when you have children and when you have grand children." Yes - definitely.

How do you catch a wild baby bunny?

Wildlife shouldn't be caught: it should be left alone for moral and, in many places, legal reasons.

How do you catch a baby armadillo?

You can dig around in the burrow and maybe find one, but I dont see how a trap can work. Good luck.

What to do if your baby catches colic?

What To Do If Your Baby Has Colic Today there are many mixtures available to give to a baby with colic. Ask your pharmacy for a gripe water or colic mixture. These are great and really work. If you want to try something natural first you can try giving the baby a warm bath or walking around with the baby rocking it. I am a mother with a baby who had a lot of wind and they cry when they are in pain or wanting comfort, food and other needs. Consult a midwife on the topic and ask what they suggest. If in doubt always consult your doctor. The colic mixture from the chemist is really wonderful and I found it works. Make sure that it is colic because babies can also have reflux and other conditions. Always check with your doctor.

Can your baby catch tonsillitis from you?

Kinda, tonsilitis is an bacterial infection. Tonsilitis like manyother respiratory infections will occur alongside a viral infectionlike the flu or common cold. The bacterial infection may be contagous, but it is unlikely ainfant will be able to develop the infection since their tonsilsare not mature enough. That being said they can catch the flu or cold from you, which theyalready have been exposed to even before you showed symptoms.

Is it illegal to catch baby rabbits?

it depends. if they were abandoned and you were going to raise them and then set them free again that is fine. if you are going to sell or keep them that IS ilegal!

Can you catch an pneumonia just by being near someone?

It's a communicable disease. There were many major epidemics until a reliable form of treatment was found.

Can a baby catch a cold from someone with a cold talking to them?

it actually depends on what type of cold it is anybody of any age can catch a cold but some cold's are worse then others, I hve talked to be people who have colds but I usually catch them in my' sleep.

Can babies catch colds and is it dangerous?

Yes because their immune system is new and hasn't been exposed to fight off the germs and it is dangerous because of their weak immune system.

Can one person catch Pneumonia from another person?

Yes, some forms of pneumonia are communicable. However, there are types of pneumonia that are not communicable; chemical pneumonia, for example.

How do you catch baby skunks?

They have cage traps for that made by havahart in most hardware stores-then you just relocate them.

Can babies with pneumonia go outside?

They can for a little while if it's mild but if your baby has it bad I wouldn't.

Is it illegal to catch baby ducks?

Yes. Not to mention it is cruel to take a baby away from its mother. However, if you find a lost duckling that is another story.

How do you catch a baby mole?

You will need: string, a box, a stick, a baseball bat, a hose, pickles, and determination. First set up the trap. Take the box and prop it up with the stick so that the inside is facing the ground, then tie the string to the stick, put the pickles under the trap to lure the mole (they love pickles). Now take a hose and put it into the mole hole and turn it on. hide in a bush with the other end of the string. when the mole come out of the hole because its flooding, he will be lured to the pickles, when he goes for the bait, pull the string so the box falls on him. the baseball bat is just to help get the mole out of his hole by smashing the ground so it caves in. Hope I helped, happy mole hunting!

Can a kitten catch pneumonia by falling in water?

Yes. Humans can do the same also; if the water is cold enough and they person/cat is not warmed right away, they could catch pneumonia. If the kitten was still warmed right after her fall, and she still has pneumonia, it's probably because kittens don't have the strong immune system mature cats have. Hope this helps!

Can dogs catch pneumonia from humans?

Most human illnesses are not transferable to canines, however, proper hygiene should reduce the chance of sharing any transferable illness. Pneumonia is an infection in the lung(s), and can be treated with prescribed antibiotics. Dogs should not have a problem, however, if they do get it, there should be antibiotics for them too.

Can a baby catch a virus from an adult?

yes a baby can catch a virus from an adult. they are at a greater risk too because if your coughing and your holding your bay there immune system is still developing so yes they can.