Can a baby catch pneumonia?

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How do you catch pneumonia?

When you have a cold, mucus may build up in your lungs and damage the tiny hairs that clean your lungs. This clogs up your lungs and is called pneumonia. In other words you ju

How do you catch walking pneumonia?

Answer . Walking pneumonia is a lay-man term for an infection of the lungs. The infection may be caused by a bacteria or virus. One catches 'walking pneumonia' by exposing

Can you catch pneumonia from another person?

This is entirely dependent on the cause of a person's pneumonia. If they have pneumonia caused by a virus or an infectious bacteria (such as the bacteria responsible for pneum

Can you catch pneumonia by being wet or cold?

No. Pneumonia is an infection and/or inflammation of the lungs. Being cold or wet doesn't make you sick with infectious diseases. Being infected by a bacteria or virus (or oth

Can a dog catch pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs. Dogs can and do contract pneumonia and it is a very serious condition. Dogs in general have difficulty in fighting off pneumonia and ma

Can you catch pneumonia by being with one that has pneumonia?

Yes, if the type of pneumonia the person has is caused by bacteria or viruses. Just like any other communicable disease, it will spread from person to person. Some forms of pn

Can a kitten catch pneumonia by falling in water?

Yes. Humans can do the same also; if the water is cold enough and they person/cat is not warmed right away, they could catch pneumonia. If the kitten was still warmed right af

Can dogs catch pneumonia from humans?

Most human illnesses are not transferable to canines, however, proper hygiene should reduce the chance of sharing any transferable illness. Pneumonia is an infection in the l