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What is hepatitis?

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis viruses arethe most common cause of hepatitis in the world. There are 5 typesof hepatitis viruses affected the human liver (MORE)

How do you get hepatitis a?

Hepatitis A is caused by being exposed to contaminated food or  drink. There is usually an outbreak when a food service worker does  not wash their hands after going to the (MORE)

How do moms have babies?

first to put the baby in the stomach the mom and dad need to do it ....then the moms stomach gets bigger(the baby is usually in the stomach for 9 months) and then they need to (MORE)

Why give a baby a hepatitis shot?

  Vaccinations are intended to prevent diseases - they are much less useful if given after exposure to the disease. It makes sense to vaccinate children before they have m (MORE)

How does a baby get out of their mom?

Usually, the same way it went in, through the vagina. In some cases, a doctor needs to take the baby out through an incision made in Mom's abdomen. This is called a "Caesarian (MORE)

How can you get the Hepatitis?

Depends on what form of Hepatitis, you can get Hepititis A from not washing imported goods, frequently from mexico, and you can get hepititis C from doing drugs by sharing nee (MORE)