Can a guy still have feelings for a girl even though he dumped her?

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deffinatly...he can love her for the rest of her life and never spend another day with her again...from a males point of view anyways
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Does your girl love you even though she has feelings for another guy?

Answer . This is something I once had a problem with a year or two ago. In my case, the answer was simple. Love and feelings are two very different things. Normally the fe

Why are you still in love with your ex that cheated on you and treated you so bad why do you feel depressed and miss him and think of him every day even though you dumped him because hes no good?

I really do feel for you! maybe because you thought you could change him? every girl wants to be the one to change a bad boy but when you realize there's no changing him you f

How do you know if a guy still likes you even though he is hanging out with another girl?

As painful as it may be to the said man, he must distince himself. Just as men behave, noone wants someone or something too easy. To all men; women are scandalous and reveal i

If a guy really wants to go out with you even though you've went out with him twice and don't want to again will he move on to another girl if you go out with him then kiss him and dump him?

Of course he will move on eventually when he finds someone he is interested in and the relationship between them two will decide on its own if they will stay together and how

Why did a girl dump me even though she really likes you?

Perhaps she knows that you are a good person, she can see this in your heart, she knows that she is going to eventually do something to hurt you because she is not as good as

Why would a girl still have feelings for a guy even if she didnt see or spoke to him for awhile?

Because he might have been different from other guys and she and that one guy probably had a special connection. They were feeling each other in one way that he might have wan

If the guy your in love with is dating your best friend and he still flirts with you majorly even though he is a major flirt already should you tell them how you feel about them?

Do it only if you are willing to ruin your friendship with your best friend. It's a rare friendship that will recover from invading someone's romantic territory. That said, if