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Can a jackhammer break your bones?

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How can you break a bone?

You could try skiing. well it deepends on what bone! arm: jump off of something and fall on ur arm leg: jump off of some stuff and land standeing, trip. run with high heels.

Why do bones break?

The simplest way to break a bone is to apply enough force on it,until it cannot hold. In other words, if you hit it hard enough, itwill break. . If there is a sudden large am

What does a jackhammer do?

It breaks up concrete or rock. The steel blade is retracted and pushed back out, usually by air pressure through a piston. This happens several times a second, delivering repe

Why do your bones break?

We break our bones because they are very, very, delicate. I have broken 5 bones. I know the way to do it. 1. You break it (OF COURSE) 2. You cry (maybe) 3. You watch it go bla

How does a bone break?

When too much force is applied to one point of the bone it snaps to relieve the force.

How to break a bone?

1. Fall down the stairs 2. Hold on to a basketball hoop and start swinging quickly. You will probably end up falling off and breaking your arm. 3. Lean far back in a chair

How does the bone break?

When you apply too much pressure for it to handle, your bone might break. I'd recommend NOT doing that to see if it's true, because it is! Ok? When it breaks, it can eithe

What do you do if you break a bone?

If it's a toe, tape it to the one next to it. Otherwise, see a doctor.

How you get jackhammer?

For this you have to get the hard hat. If you want to get the hard hat go to the mine cave and then get it. Then you should not wear any dress. You should only wear the hard h

Where can bones break?

Bones break whenever an event supplies adequate force which exceeds the bone's resiliance to that stress. Bending, twisting, compression, and impact forces can provide instant