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Can a jackhammer break your bones?

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What if the bones break?

you feel pain They are realigned or casted , pinned or wired for more complex fractures. A simple break is not very painful . Your doctor will medicate you according to the

What is a break in a bone?

A fracture, abbreviated fx. There is many different types of fractures. A comminuted fracture breaks completely off and is shattered in many areas. greenstick fracture is a ha

Does living bone bleed when it breaks?

Yes, skeletal tissue has a very rich blood supply and generally bleeds when a fracture occurs due to the ruptured blood vessels.

What does a jackhammer do?

It breaks up concrete or rock. The steel blade is retracted and pushed back out, usually by air pressure through a piston. This happens several times a second, delivering repe

What speed will a baseball break a bone?

It depends on the bone. Not all bones are the same. Not only does it depend on the thickness of the bone, but also on the shape. For example, Hamate fracture (aka. wrist-bone

How to break a bone?

1. Fall down the stairs 2. Hold on to a basketball hoop and start swinging quickly. You will probably end up falling off and breaking your arm. 3. Lean far back in a chair

What are the most common bones to break?

Your clavicle (collarbone) in your shoulder is the most commonly fractured bone, usually caused by landing on an outstretched arm and pushing your shoulder back or (as in my c

Why do bones break?

The simplest way to break a bone is to apply enough force on it,until it cannot hold. In other words, if you hit it hard enough, itwill break. . If there is a sudden large am

What happens after a bone breaks?

The bones are elastic tissue that will be replaced by hard , bony tissue.This process is called ossification. A complete fracture: A bone breaks into 2 pieces A greenstick fr

What happens if you break your pelvis bone?

In the yr 2006 I had a car accident n I broke my 3 ribs n my pelvis and the doctors said that I needed to have a surgery or else I wouldn't be able to walk anymore. My mom sai