What is the referral fee for a realtor?

A fee paid to agent to refer a buyer or seller. For example, an agent may have a buyer moving to another state, that agent sets up a referral agreement with another agent in t (MORE)
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What is executor's fee in Tennessee?

\n\n\n Petition \n\n\n. \nIn Tennessee, the estate executor files a petition with the \ncourt to receive payment for his duties. The petition includes a \ndescription of the (MORE)
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Designers typical referral fee from contractors?

It is customary in ALL forms of business that if you want to grow your own business then the best way is to ask other successful business owners to refer new clients to you. I (MORE)
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Why would non residents have to pay higher fees for hunting and fishing licenses?

The reasoning/justification for this probably went something likethis: 1. This state has conservation programs to preserve wildlifehabitat so that hunters can continue to hun (MORE)